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    A Pic-a-nic

    On Saturday we had a picnic on the beach with some friends. Picnics with friends are always a good idea. I’m mad at myself for not doing it more often. I guess when it comes to food preparation and guests I usually turn myself into a tizzy thinking there is no way possible I could pull such a thing off. But I can. And I can pull it off with pizazz as long as I get up early enough the morning of and make a quick trip to the grocery store for some gourmet goods. It’s amazing what a tub of pesto will do to an otherwise boring grilled chicken sandwich.

    We had a fabulous time. It’s so fun to let the babies play together and compare notes on their different developments. It’s just plain fun to meet other parents and realize that we really aren’t trapped in the twilight zone after all. If left to our own devices, I think Toby and I would just live in a cave and never go out. But we did and I’m glad.

    Next time though I vote for having a picnic in the park under the shade of a big leafy Alder tree because the beach was stinking hot!

    Big news tomorrow: Baby Bug turns 6 months! (Must make movie) And I get a hair cut! Woooo Hoooooo! I haven’t gotten my hair cut since last September.