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    Madam Puree

    It’s funny how I started making baby food. It really it wasn’t my idea, it was Toby’s. His stepmother raised all her babies on the stuff and according to Toby, that’s a good enough reason. Toby’s sister (who happens to be a 911 operator) also made her own baby food. When we were up north visiting, she told me how easy it really was. So I figured if I want to represent as a woman in the Ponnay family, I better learn how to make baby food!

    The funny thing is: we found out later that Toby’s step mom thinks we are silly. If she had the money back then to buy store bought baby food, she would have. So all our self righteous loyalty to healthiness is pretty much for the birds. Except now I like making baby food. And when I smell the store bought stuff, I think it’s kinda nasty. I do feed Baby Bug some jarred food but if I have something on hand or I notice something in season that would be easy to mash up and freeze, I do.

    I’m so proud of my little collection of frozen mush ice cubes. I even make guests look in my freezer and admire them when they come over. And now I’m making you.

    Don’t worry, I don’t feed Baby Bug sprigs of rosemary. I just wanted the peach puree mixed with oatmeal to look pretty instead of a splat of… well, you know.