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super duper car

Nearly a whole year later we finally bought a new car for me. It’s very worth the wait. It’s the coolest car ever and of course it’s red, my favorite color. I never had a red car before. I wonder how many speeding tickets I’ll get.

It really is Toby’s car disguised as a new car for me. It’s a race car. It’s fast and has four wheel drive and turbo and tiptronic and a whole bunch of other stuff that sounds really speedy and important. I really wanted Toby to do a guest blog about it because there is no way I can put in words what is so cool about this car. As far as I’m concerned, it looks cool. It’s red and it has pretty tires.

It’s also super smart. It has a giant electronic brain that tells it when to turn on the windshield wipers, when to turn on the headlights, it even has a little screen in the dash that tells me what pedals to push just in case I turned into an idiot. It has all the fixings. I could go on and on but I’m afraid for all the other cars that will get jealous. Please don’t hate me because I have a super duper car.

I haven’t been driving (besides borrowing Toby’s van now and then) since a month before I had Baby Bug. It was just too hard to steer my old car with the enormous belly in the way. After Baby Bug, Toby got the heebie jeebies about his precious baby (and yes, his precious wife too) in my super low to the ground invisible silver Honda Civic that doesn’t have anti-lock breaks or power steering. It’s a great car. Just not so great as a mom car.

Well, now I’ve got the mom car on steroids. I wish I could get a vanity plate that said something like “BADASSMOM” or something with less letters that says: my car can kick your car’s butt. But that might be asking for trouble when I pull up to a light next to the other moms in their mighty SUV’s and soccer team holding minivans. I really can’t drive this car to it’s full capacity. I’m chicken. It is so fast it scares me. I barely pressed the gas pedal a millimeter and I was going 80 in a 40 zone before I even noticed. It’s dangerous. I think I’m going to have to play it cool.

But I can’t wait to show it off to my brother, the mechanic.


  • Nila

    You didn’t mention the new car smell. Isn’t that the best part. Who cares about turbo and triptonic or whatever, the real question is; does it hold lots of laundry?

    Congratulations. New cars rock!

  • Punchbugpug

    That car ROCKS!!!! Well worth the year’s wait, I’d say! Fun, fun, fun. Red is my favorite color too! I have a red VW Beetle, but I’d be happy to move up~ Congratulations!

  • NAT


    It looks very nice and I really like the color, watch out for those speeding tickets.

  • Saple

    How very britney spears of you to be sitting with baby bug behind the well.. jk…. NICE CAR…..

  • Clownfish

    Sweeeeeet Ride!

    So many positive attributes listed but you forgot the best one of all….YOUR FREEDOM!! Grab the keys, put BB in her seat and zip on up PCH to Malibu with the wind in your hair!

  • Abbey

    Oh How I LOVE a new Car!

    And I am SOOO very jealous that you got to get a RED car! When I bought a new car two months ago (my VERY FIRST new car EVER!!!), I wanted red, but my husband, Drew, knowing my speeding habits told me I should not get a car that will practically hand me to the police. : )

    BUT! I was watching on TV the other day that red cars get pulled over as much as any other car…there was no difference just because of the color…so No Worries!

    ENJOY!! As I know you will. : )

  • Kristin

    Aw, I’m so glad you have such a jazzy ride.

    (Also I meant to comment on your post yesterday because – inspiring. I love athleticism in the mist. Especially toting a georgeous babe. SO sweet)

  • jailgy

    Did you get the navigation system? I’m so addicted to mine. My first new car was red, too. So was my third. The other two were blue and white. I’m so patriotic.

  • Lyndsay

    I hope this newfound freedom wont mean less posts about BB and you. I hate to sound selfish, but your blog is the highlight of my day!

  • BeachMama

    Congrats on the new wheels!! You must be over the earth excited, think of all the road trippin’ you will be up to.

    If you ever need a longer road trip, head out/up/accross our way, it would be a great drive and think of the blogging you could do ;).

  • Bethany

    yay for you! that’s wonderful :) bet the laundry gets easier too? all three of my cars have been red, hang the speeding tickets (yes there were plenty). now i zoom around on my 2 feet and have fond memories of speeding :) enjoy!

  • Clownfish

    Now that car is FUN to drive! And if I haven’t told you enough, it looks GREAT! Even though my counsel was to try and “keep your foot out of it”… after a trip around the block, I don’t believe I could practice what I preach hahaha.

    I love my red Jeep but I like the brightness of your red even better. gush gush on and on………..

  • sally

    I always felt a little sorry for you since you don’t have a washing machine. I’ll stop now.

  • sally

    My comment just sounded bitter. I’m just jealous.
    We are sharing a car, and it is no fun. Congrats on the new spycar.

  • aunt kathy

    Congrats on the new car! I so enjoyed having a car for myself, finally, after six years of marriage. I didn’t want one at first. I thought it would make me too independent. But by the time LJ was born and then riding on the bus with four little ones and (none paying the fare) I told my DH that I promise I wouldn’t take advantage of my freedom (how could I with four little ones in tow?) Anyway, enjoy yourself.