Baby Bug’s First 5K

Remember last year? Remember how I almost killed Baby Bug when she was just an eight week old fetus because I was running like a maniac during those last few laps because everybody was cheering me on and I can’t deny my inner competitive spirit? Hmmmph. That was just the beginning…

I did the 5K again. I plan to do it every year. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll run a marathon. It’s crazy but not completely impossible. I just hope Baby Bug likes to run.

No running for us this year though–not with a precious baby head bouncing in the sling. I should probably just say that I bought a very expensive t-shirt and then took a long sweaty walk in the fog that just happened to be along the same route that a race was. I walked it so slow I ended up getting lost because I had nobody to follow. They all left me in the dust. And then the next race started and they lapped me too. It was pathetic. But I’ll say this: I did finish. I didn’t give up and walk to Starbucks for a decaf frappuccino like some people who were walking with me did. I have no idea what my time was because when I crossed the finish line they were timing the second race. So I guess whatever the time is between races, I finished 36 minutes after that. An hour maybe? An hour and 36 minutes? That’s pretty slow, I think.

Whatever. We finished and that’s all that counts. It wasn’t really that tough either. Turns out the walks I take every day are usually twice as long. Here I was worrying about where I could stop to feed the baby along the way and whether or not I should take the stroller too just in case she got tired of the sling… but it was nothing! She slept the first half of the race and chilled the second. She didn’t start getting fussy until after the race was over and I was in the extremely long line for the free food. Long lines suck. No free food for me. Baby Bug was carrying on so much, I had to cut out of line and hoof it back home so she could have her free food instead. I know. Bummer. Maybe next year. Is free food really that great anyway? I just felt like I oughta get something for my thirty-bucks. The t-shirt isn’t that nice. Oh well…

All in all it was fun. Everybody adored the baby. We got our picture taken a few times and everybody cheered us on. I think she was the littlest racer there. There were lots of mom’s pushing jogger strollers but most of the kids were toddlers. When I crossed the finish line, the announcer said, “It’s our youngest contestant!” and every body cheered. That felt great. I love getting attention because I have the world’s cutest baby. I think she liked it too.


  • Becky Z

    I think you’re amazing SAJ. It’s awesome that you are able to do a 5k and exercise like that with your baby. I’m so glad that those baby carriers were invented so that you could take Baby bug with you.

  • BeachMama

    I second AmyinBC… YOU ROCK!!! I only ran for the first time in… many, many years, this past weekend, if only I had your drive, or was at least your neighbour you would be my inspiration to get out every single day!

  • Carmen

    Hey, I did a 5K this weekend too! Mine was fun, cuz I ran with my husband – and it gave me plenty of stuff to blog about! – but yours was waaaay more scenic. What a cutie pie, and good for you for taking the baby.

  • Tzitos

    Ohh don’t worry about the time, you an Baby Bug finished and that’s all that counts!!!

    I’m sure that everybody was lovely with the most young racer!!!

  • aunt kathy

    That looks like so much fun! It’s great that you are including BB in everything you do. Lots of moms would either leave the babe at home and go or else stay home with the kid and not race at all…this year or the next or the next. Way to go! Keep it up. Yur gonna be so healthy!