• Bug,  illos

    kick kick kick, suck suck suck

    Five month olds are so much fun. Like my friend said the other day, you don’t realize how boring infants are until they start getting a whole lot more interesting. Not that we would ever say babies are boring but they sure are a lot more fun when they’re smiling and wiggling and showing all kinds of personality.

    And boy is Baby Bug showing her personality. One thing that cracks me up but annoys me at the same time is how she likes to kick me while she eats. It seems to aid her in the digestion process somehow. Suck suck suck, kick kick kick, suck suck suck, kick kick kick. My arm and shoulder get the crap beaten out of them. If I try to hold her leg so she’ll stop kicking me, then she arches her back and stops eating. So I let her kick. Kick kick kick, suck suck suck…