• Bug,  The Zoo

    Like Mother Like Daughter: Baby Bug Loves Cats

    I think it must be universal that all children love animals. Maybe it’s a basic instinct for survival… just in case they have to be raised by wolves or something. I don’t know. I’m just making that up. But seriously, every kid I know loves cats. Every kid that ever comes over to visit us goes running after our cats…as the cat’s make a mad dash for the depths of our closet or underneath our bed. The poor cats. Unfortunately the cat/kid love is not mutual.

    Baby Bug loves cats. She has long conversations with Pounce and Lily when they are eating kibble at their food bowl. When they walk out of the room (as they often do, the snobs), she cries real tears. She can’t understand why they don’t want to pay attention to her adoringly like everybody else does. Sometimes I trick Lily and put a tiny bowl of cream nearby Baby Bug’s exersaucer. This makes Baby bug ecstatic. She jumps and waves her arms straight out beside her with corresponding grunts of excitement. This annoys the cats. They know that soon she’ll be released from her confines and their comfortable life of lazing around will be over.

    Felix: I think she likes the stuffed cat you got her.

    Coming Soon: A movie of Toby and Baby Bug speaking in tongues… as soon as I get my act together.