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    Baby Z Baby Shower Plans…

    I am throwing a baby shower for my cousin, Becky, in July. (Imagine that! I’m actually planning a party that is not for myself! How very unselfish of me.) I’m so excited. I love planning get-togethers and this one if for a very special cousin who I’ve sort of taken under my wing ever since I convinced her to leave the comfort of her parent’s home up in the Redwoods to move down here to Southern California where it’s hot, there are no trees and there is traffic all day long. I know, I’ve corrupted her. And now she’s having a baby.

    Just before she got pregnant, Becky had decided she wanted to be an oceanographer or have some sort of career that centered around the ocean and marine life. But those plans are on hold while she figures out how she is going to fit a baby into her life. (Not exactly the most stress-free undertaking considering she and her husband live in a very small one room apartment.)

    So, because she likes fishies so much, I thought I’d throw her an “under the sea” baby shower. It should be fun. I’m imagining green streamers hung from the ceiling to the floor to look like kelp, dangling fishes made out of paper, maybe even some clear plastic christmas bulbs strung together to look like bubbles… starfish and sea shells on the coffee table, maybe some blue tulle to look like foamy water… I don’t know, my mind is running in a thousand different directions. I love dreaming up decorations to make a party have ambiance.

    Thinking up games is a whole other story. I haven’t a clue. So far I think I’ll have big vase or a clear glass cookie jar full of goldfish crackers and make the guests guess how many crackers are in the container. This should be a great job for my niece Rapunzel who loves to count things.

    You can probably tell I’m inspired by the ever lovable goldfish cracker. They are so cute! Especially the baby ones. Have you seen those? Totally eatable, just like baby toes.