Niece-com-poops,  the sticks

Niece Fix

Since I have all the freedom in the world now (with my speedy-gone-zallez race car) I took a quick trip to the sticks to visit my nieces. It’s about 105 out here in the desert so we spent most of the day walking around the air conditioned Target trying not to spend money. Good thing my new car has pretty good air conditioning.

I don’t have much else to report other than Rapunzel is going to give me a shoulder massage with lotion as soon as I finish this post. She charges $2 for 30 minutes. I think that’s quite a deal.


  • AmyinBC

    I so know the freedom you are experiencing! I went 5 years without a vehicle of my own to journey out with the babes. It is exhilarating and such a rush! Enjoy it and go wherever your heart desires! Nothing like a little freedom to spice up the day :) (Kids are now 13, and twins 8. Went back to work a year ago and bought myself a Jeep! Trust me, I know exactly what you are feeling, freedom after cashing in my mini van after 7 years, I am reborn!!!) Go girl!

  • BeachMama

    Oh you must be thrilled to pieces to have your freedom back again. Makes all those months without worth it I am sure.

    Tell Rapunzel that my younger sis used to charge $2 +tax, you know because if the government charges tax then so can she ;). She used to also charge us for foot massages, brushing hair and getting the tv remote. She was a child prodogy for home based business. She now lives in North Carolina and finds very creative ways of getting paid without actually working, while she attends school. Rapunzel is on the right track for sure.

    Enjoy your Neice time!

  • Angie

    Rapunzel is rocking the pirate tattoo. And the Spy Cam picture of Baby Bug wearing the sunglasses is absolutely adorable.

    Enjoy your new freedom! Too bad gas prices have to be so damn high.