Shop Talk

Is it too early to start shopping for Christmas?

Merry Christmas from the Lees!

I hope not because August is a slow month for me work-wise and it would be a great time for me to start working on illustrations that usually bog me down once the holiday season gets here. Interested? I know it’s soon and a lot can change between August and December but it’s something to think about!

Merry Christmas from the Gronbergs

You could skip that dreaded family portrait session. Just email me photos of your family and I’ll illustrate you all together (pets are family too) with everyone with their eyes open! You don’t even have to wash your hair!

Merry Christmas from the Horstmans!

Maybe you want to pose on the couch, on the roof of your house or in your favorite car! I’m open for customizations as long as they aren’t too time consuming.

Merry Christmas from the Wilsons!

Think about it! I’ll be here all summer.


  • kristin

    our family looks so similar to the Wilson’s…. right down to mama’s keens! :) will consider this for sure! :)

  • SAJ

    I’m selling them for $100 each. That’s actually a lot cheaper than I usually sell my illos so jump on the chance now! :)

  • Kendi

    Gronbergs? Are they real? I’ve never seen our name online before. I’m probably related to them and don’t even know it. Either that, or it’s us in a few years when our oldest is 7 and our youngest is 3. Can you predict the future? This is pretty amazing.

    Seriously thinking about ordering; these are great.

  • bethany actually

    Kendi, I am one of the Gronbergs, and we’re real! It’s my husband’s family name, though the original Danish name is actually Grønbjerg…so unless that’s true of your family too, we’re probably not related. :-)

  • Kuky

    I should be sleeping but I’m catching up. Someone just emailed me about doing a family portrait for them. But since I don’t do those I sent them your way.

  • Jen

    Since I don’t want the stress of figuring out pictures this year, I’m definitely interested. Love the illos you’ve done so far! I’ll be sure to email you when we return from traveling the next few days!

  • Kendi

    Nice to “meet” you, bethany actually. Gronberg is my husband’s family name, too, although he’s Swedish. It was so strange to see this because we have two girls and a cat. It was like seeing a shot of my family in four years. Glad to know you’re out there!