• kirida

    I know what you mean about weird weather. It’s always sunny then raining then mildly cloudy here in Seattle. Can you just make up your mind, weather?

  • amy

    Sunny beautiful skies for a few days here and there and then RAIN RAIN RAIN to remind me where I live. Western BC Canada. Rain forest country.

    Such a sweet pic of the Bug passed out :) Great new logo too!

  • anj

    Love the new banner. Bug is taking a day-time (?) nap! Maybe she can talk some sense into my wiggly just-turned-6 boy. I’d love to relish in my 5.5mo old’s nap times, but little boy has other plans during those times. Sigh. –frazzled (but mostly happy) in CO

  • gingermog

    I love so much about your photographs, the way you see the world its breath fresh air for my overcrowded brain. Beautiful Bug fast asleep on a patch work quilt wearing a brightly coloured sundress. Is it Beatrice (?) lurking golden and slightly out of focus like an elderly, beloved great aunt caught having an afternoon nap reflected in your round mirror I know so well from photograph past. The piles of retro travel books (I see one is of Britain :) on your bedside table next to a classic stainless steel fan. oranges and lemons caught in a glass.

  • BeachMama

    Your tan looks gorgeous though. Our Spring has been +10 one day and -10 another (that is in Celcius of course). And wearing shorts outside in this weather is a little crazy, but my kids miss them as do I.