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    tea party week


    If you’re a tea person you might want to check out this blog. She posted a whole week’s worth of posts just on tea parties! Super fun posts too. Now I wonder if she’ll do a coffee week?

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    Grandpa’s Memorial Service

    celebration of life

    Grandpa’s memorial service was pretty amazing. I wish I would have taken more photos but of course my mind wasn’t on taking photos. So many of his friends showed up. It was a full house which was really neat. Everybody loved my grandpa.

    cousins girls

    It was really nice to see so many people I haven’t seen in a long time. After the service everybody hung out for a pot luck dinner and visiting. Several old friends gave me life advice that sort of blew me away. I know we where there to remember my grandfather but it was so much more than that for me. I felt loved and seeing the outpouring of love for my grandpa reminded me of what a great man he really was. It made me want to be like him.

    meeting room

    We had a little slideshow going on during the dinner. It was fun to put together and watch.

    Grandpa Coyle20110528_0198

    How funny is my dad when he was a teenager? I love old pictures.

    Grandpa Coyle20110528_0234

    This is how I remember my grandpa most. Not carrying trash but just being helpful and busy. He was very spry up until the very end.

    Grandpa Coyle20110528_0210

    I miss him but I’m so happy he’s up in heaven where he wanted to be for so long. He was a real born-againer, preaching the gospel all the time, often to my embarrassment I’m ashamed to admit.

    Grandpa Coyle20110528_0207

    The memorial service was heart-felt by many, in fact it was so heart-felt that it went on for four hours! People just didn’t want to leave. But that’s a good thing. I know it would have made him smile.

    Grandpa Coyle20110528_0194

    I will always have a clear picture in my mind of my grandpa smiling.

    Grandpa Coyle20110528_0230