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    Game Night with Grandma

    Let's Play!

    A while back I bought a Scrabble board game at an estate sale for a buck. I’d never played Scrabble in my life but all my friends play it with their handy dandy iPhones so I figured if it’s that much fun, I might as well try it. Inconveniently, I don’t have an iPhone but I do have a grandma who is the word-master and my mom said my grandma would love to teach me, so I swooped it up.

    Plus, the box had a really cool font on it and you know how I am about well-designed packaging. I figured if the game was a bust, I could always make cool earrings out of the pieces or something.

    ready, set, spell!

    We picked a night and set a date. I brought dinner (a 10×15 baking dish of cut-up root vegetables and a tossed salad—yum!*) and a movie for Bug. We ate our delicious dinner and then sat down to play. It was a blast!

    what's a nard

    I picked it up pretty quick but I can’t say I’m very good. What is a nard anyway?

    Bug spying.

    Good thing they let me play with a dictionary! I thought of so many words that weren’t really words. I think we should invent an alternative game that allows proper nouns and Spanish last names. Reyes is totally a word!

    us Grandma gets her game on.

    Anyway it was super fun and a great way to spend time with my Grandma**. We decided it was so much fun we’re going to do it again next week.

    Bug takes a turn

    And maybe the week after that!

    and the last word was FIN

    I lost, of course, but I am not a sore loser. I’m just warming up! Same time next week, Grandma! Prepare to eat your socks.

    Who am I kidding? I’ll never beat my Grandma. She is a writer and she was a medical transcriptionist by trade after all. Not to mention I can’t spell worth beans. But it will be really fun to keep trying.

    *Compliments to my friend Deb whom I stole this menu from.
    **and Auntie too!