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The Ninja Gardeners are Afraid of My Dogs

my ninja gardeners are afraid of my dog

I have a screamin’ deal on gardening. They come every other week and it only costs me forty bucks a month. In Orange County I’d probably pay $400 a month and that would be for a tiny little strip of land that was two feet wide. Not here, my gardeners love me and I love them back. I tip them mightily when I can afford it.


The thing is, they are ninja gardeners and they come secretly when I’m not looking. It was like magic. No blasting leaf blowers waking the baby up (who of course is no longer a baby and no longer naps but you know what I mean) no crazy mowing at all hours of the day…I’d just leave for an errand and come back to a perfectly taken care of back yard when I least expected it. What a perfect set up!

Bug pretending to be stuck in quicksand

But then I got a fence put in and I let the dogs run loose in the backyard when I’m out running errands. Suddenly, the grass started growing and growing and it seemed like the ninja gardeners were no longer making their magical visits. I guess it’s a good thing for my security that my dogs are scary enough to even keep the gardeners away, but I sort of miss their stealthiness. Now I have to call and set up an appointment like regular people. But they’re still cheap so I won’t complain.

My favorite gardener, Louie

And now I have photographic proof they exist!


  • gingermog

    I love the first photo of bug, reminds me of the photos you used to have in top of chocolate boxes when I was tiny. We don’t have ninja gardeners as we have no lawn where I live but Julian has his own sock fairy and I have a morning coffee fairy :)

  • Penny

    Oh, how I wish we had gardeners. I have so many things I would love done and I don’t care for working in the yard at all. I love to sit on the deck with a book and admire the yard. I know, lazy!! I love a nice yard.

  • SAJ

    I just want to say that I hate that picture of myself. But I’m leaving it so that maybe someday if people meet me in real life they won’t be disappointed.

  • anj

    You look great in that photo. I love your yard — the sunshine, the green. We’re still not there yet in CO, so living vicariously through your pics.

  • amy

    You DO look great :) We are our own worst critics sadly. I often say that if I died prematurely the kids would not remember what Mom looked like as she hates the camera and deletes most of them. Those of them that survived I say in retrospect, ‘hey, I looked ok!’ (But I am old and wise, almost 45, eeek!)