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    Earth Gym Day Two

    day two at Earth Gym

    all weeded!

    garden girl crocs are good for mud!

    ghost kid

    hopping around the moats

    Don’t worry, I don’t plan on updating you on my garden every day but I did feel like sharing what it looks like now that I’ve pulled out all the grass. Too bad it doesn’t look like much because it was a LOT of work! Phew!

    Today I didn’t work in the garden. That was yesterday. Today I worked out at Mom’s Junk Gym, meaning I helped my mom clear out some of her old boxes that she’d been keeping hidden behind some metal closets in my carport. It was a lot of work and dusty too but now I have a whole four more feet in my carport which is like having a whole other room! AND! My mom bought some old wicker furniture that she’s going to move to her other house one of these days but in the meantime I get to have them on my carport! They look so cool. If I screw up my eyes really tight I can almost conjure up a veranda and a long winding driveway and maybe even some Spanish moss hanging from the trees. Just kidding. It is pretty cool though. I’ll take pictures tomorrow when it’s light. Right now it’s dark.


    In other news, I’m donating some play date cards over at Tiny Oranges to help raise money for Pediatric Cancer Research. One-hundred percent of the profits go to Team Tiny Oranges (a team I will be on when I run the race on May 1st! Woo Hoo! Go me! I even have a tiny orange tank top to wear.) So you read that right. I will be donating my labor for FREE. Make me work! There are a bazillion of them to choose from. Okay, maybe not a bazillion but 26 at least! The pirate ones are my favorite.

    callingcard graphic2

    On a serious note, this is something I couldn’t not give to. It really is true that you are more inclined to give money to those you can identify with and since I have a five-year-old daughter myself, I couldn’t read the story about Maddie without tearing up. This is close to my heart. Maybe you understand. We live in hard times. Do me a favor and consider buying some play date cards. They’re only $35 and all of the profits go to Pediatric Cancer Research. All of it!

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