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Exercising with Bug

This is the post I was going to post when my blog went down last week.

3 coffees

This is me at two in the morning. I have very weird sleep habits. I go to bed at eight pm. Why? Because I’m tired! Bug and the day wear me out. So when I put Bug to bed, I read her a few stories and before I know it my eyes are closing and it’s night night for me too. I really want to stay up until ten or midnight like the rest of the adults but I don’t know, I’m just too much of a morning person and I run out of steam when the sun goes down.

However, my body doesn’t need 12 hours of sleep like Bug’s does so I pop back awake at two in the morning. This is especially bad when I drink too much coffee and get no exercise. When I lived at the beach I walked everywhere so I was physically exhausted and could stay asleep until at least five in the morning. Out here, not so much. I’m cutting down on coffee (of course) but I’m also trying to figure out how to fit in exercise. It’s been a challenge. The neighborhood is not really the walking kind and well… it doesn’t take much to discourage me when it comes to working out.


I thought I had a plan. I was going to take Holly, the dog, on a long long walk early in the morning. That would be great for her (we usually take her on short walks just down our street) and for me because she’s a big scary black dog who will scare all the bad guys away. I called my mom and was all ready to send Bug over to my mom’s house to watch cartoons while I got some exercise.

ready to go

Except Bug didn’t want to be left out. She loves working out. You know she does The Shred, right? She does it more than I do.


my kid shreds

She puts me to shame.

So anyway she was having none of this walking dog business without her. Before I knew it she was off in her room changing into a workout outfit to match mine. I gave in and let her come with.


{click to enbiggen}

Biggest mistake ever. Never take a kid on a long morning walk BEFORE breakfast. She might be shredded and spend two hours a week doing ballet and gymnastics but she does NOT like to keep up with me when I’m walking, especially when she is hungry, tired and bored. We walked about a half hour and I spent nearly all of it trying to get her to keep up with me. It was mental workout not a physical one. I miss my stroller. (I left it at the beach with Toby. It doesn’t travel well.) So I’m back to square one.

Jump rope anyone? Or maybe some shredding in the Pink Princess room?


  • Rachel

    Does she have a bike? Maybe she could ride while you are walking. Although without good sidewalks that can be tough. I am glad you are back!

  • Carrie S.

    I can SO relate! I found that an after breakfast or after lunch scooter ride is the way to go in our house. The kid has been recently fueled and with the scooter she goes fast in bursts so I get some sort of exercise in. I figure as she gets better and better I will be able to go faster and faster, right?!?!

  • Krista

    love this post–the illustrations, the sentiments… i want to start exercising again too! the bike thing sounds like a good idea or maybe some basketball at a park with her–soccer–softball–something that makes you run after balls that she kicks/throws/hits.

  • bethany

    I hear you, Bug’s age is a hard one … I’ve resorted to bike for 8-year-old + run for me, but my 4-year-old is a lost cause right now. He can’t keep up on a bike, and the racing stroller got sold. Perhaps a cheap stroller to keep there?? Or something special she does with gramma only while you escape … just a couple thoughts. Hope you get some soon, I know the feeling!

  • a chris

    She has a scooter, right? If your sidewalk is in OK shape (so the wheels won’t get stuck), that could let her keep up with less energy. People walk all over the place here, and the smallest ones if they’re not in a stroller are usually on a scooter, bike, or run-bike. The footpaths or sidewalks (“pavements”) here are really haphazard (although in populated areas there is generally somewhere off of the road to walk) but people make it work.

    I have to concede, though, that Bug may need breakfast before a walk. Those little bodies need frequent refueling.

  • Heather

    I am the exact same way. As soon as the sun goes down I’m ready for bed. I borrowed my mom’s Wii fit to try to get in some exercise. It’s really fun once you get the hang of it and I’m not the most coordinated woman there is.

  • pam

    i know how that is! my husband will tell me to just go for walks & take the stroller, my kid won’t even stay in the stroller for a mile (i go to a 3 mile track). so i end up carrying/chasing/pulling my hair out for 2 miles. did that twice, didn’t work.

  • OMSH

    I think the poor dog definitely needs a long walk too. It would be good to start a routine where Bug understands that Momma needs this walk and just be firm about it. She’ll get used to it after a while and it’ll be some good “snuggle with Grandma” time. :)

  • Natalie

    I just have to add I thought I was the only one whose child (Z is 2 years old) was better at the shred. She even uses EXACTLY the same kind of cans, if I am not mistaken those look like black beans, as weights. It is adorable and helps me stay with it but I am right with you sometimes I would like to just get it done by myself!

  • Carrie

    Would she be able to keep up on a scooter? Or bike, I suppose, Erik is just obsessed with his scooter. That’s the only way I can take him on a walk, even though he can run circles around me. He gets so bored, otherwise.

  • Yara

    That’s why I can never walk. I can put 2 in the stroller, but that’s heavy. But yeah, the 5 year old isn’t great at keeping up, and trying to bike is even worse. If I’m walking that slow, I’d rather not bother. I should… be better.

  • Mrs. Wilson

    Oh, I’d be SO frustrated!!!!

    Kaylie (9) used to do the shred with me (when I used to do it). We’d get to the end and I’d be wanting to die and she’d be all LET’S DO THAT AGAIN!!!

  • Katie

    I think I have to agree with OMSH. You need this time for your physical and mental health and well being. The dog needs this time. Bug will benefit in the long run from a healthy rested mom.

    Perhaps she will be more willing to stay behind if you explain that the *dog* needs to go faster to stay healthy and that she is helping her lovely pet by watching cartoons? ;)

  • bethany actually

    Sigh. I wish I had the willpower to get up early and go for a walk before Troy left for work.

    I’m sorry this is a frustrating situation, but it’s good for your art. The drawings are hilarious. I especially like the little scribble-cloud of annoyance over your head in the last one.

  • Madge

    If your mom is willing to watch Bug, I agree with OMSH. Just let her know you need to do this alone and RUN RUN RUN out the door, haha. You know my guilt with leaving the kids behind but sometimes it just has to get done. Maybe you could do a “warm down” with her when you get back home?

  • amy

    AGREE! Morning long dog walk good for you AND dog. Make it a priority and do it! Bug will learn and hopefully will become part of ‘the schedule’.

  • Kuky

    That’s why we didn’t go on a hike with our homeschool group this week. There was the forecast of rain. And if we were hiking, no stroller for Nathan. And oh yeah. It’s early for us so it would have most likely meant no breakfast and our hike would have ended up just like your walk. :-D

    And maybe you can try the bike thing. A bike never works for us. Most of the time I end up pushing it because Isabelle doesn’t like riding up and down the driveway ramp thingers.

  • kate

    i hear you…!…am trying to get out again (now the sidewalks are clearing up from snow…i’m in canada) and it’s tricky to find a time for dog walking/exercising with kids in tow…hope you soon find a solution that works for all of you…!