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    The Dog Saga Ends Happily

    get the ball Spreckles!

    Earlier someone asked how the fence was going and how the dogs are. I’m here to tell you the fence is working GREAT. Money well spent, I tell you. The neighbors are on joking terms with us now and I am sighing the biggest sigh of relief ever. Phew.

    We had one instance where Holly found a gap between some sheds that line the south side of the property (where we didn’t put up a fence because the sheds acted as a wall) and escaped twice. Nothing happened. She didn’t annoy the neighbors. She just sat in the carport and waited for us to come home with her tongue hanging out like a big happy dog.

    old dog

    Part of me wonders if she stayed in the yard the whole time we were gone and then heard us coming and escaped to personally welcome us. Who knows. We’ve since rigged up some old fencing in that one spot and blocked it with last year’s wading pool and a wheel barrow. It’s not the prettiest but we’ve have had no further escapes.


    Everyone is enjoying the freedom of a big backyard with fencing, especially Spreckles. We play out in the yard with her about a thousand times a day. Some people take smoke breaks. I take ball-throwing breaks with the dog. It does wonders for my nerves.

    throw! grab the ball

    My mom bought this new grabber claw thing ($5 version of the chuck-it) that saves you from having to pick up a slobbery ball and it throws great. I love it. I’m terrible at throwing and this makes it so I can actually lob the ball several feet instead of just thunking it into ground with my usual grace. Even Bug can use it. Everybody’s happy.

    the claw

    I even filmed a little movie with my new camera.

    This may be terribly boring depending on how much you like to watch dogs and people run around in their backyards.

    Then Bug shot some too against my wishes, which ended up being fine.

    And of course we have outtakes.

    p.s. I don’t know why Bug says sorry so much. I think it’s something I do and she copies me maybe. I don’t know…