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    Beanie Buddy Hats!

    backyard creatures

    I’ve got a whopper of a post just begging to be busted lose from my noggin’ all about the dog saga here lately but unfortunately, I need to save it for a day when I have more time for typing and concentrating. So, until that magic day happens, I’ve got something else to feature in this spot: my neighbor’s daughter makes these really really cute fleece hats! Aren’t they darling? She’s even got an etsy shop.

    little bunny wildlife

    We’ve got some talented people out here in the sticks. I’d really love to send a customer or two her way, just be a good neighbor so if you need some cute hats click on over! They’re really well made and totally adorable!

    model bear

    You’ll also notice we have a new model ’round these parts! This is Bug’s friend from across the street. Her nickname is Boo, of all things. So now we have a Bug and a Boo just like the stroller. She’s super cute and fun. I’m glad Bug has friends in the neighborhood. It makes it missing the cousins a little less hard.

    little bear

    Anyway! Just thought I’d spread the word on a new etsy shop!