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    I LOVE summertime!


    We enjoyed some very summer-like weather out in the sticks this last week. Complete with a dip in the kiddie pool of course.

    desert rats

    happy kids

    I know this photo is blurry but I love it so…

    ahhhhhh beating the heat

    Yes, I totally drank my chocolate iced coffee in the kiddie pool. Them’s the perks of being a full-time mom.

    apricots on the grill

    My Dad grilled for lunch and dinner… it was so nice. He even let me grill some apricot halves I had a hankering for after reading this post. You should try it. They were DELICIOUS! Just like little bites of apricot cobbler. Mmmmmmmm!!!


    Then I kidnapped my niece for a few days of fun at the beach. Nobody appreciates the surf more than a twelve-year-old from the desert. She and her boogie board are best buddies.

    My creation

    And of course Bug was all over the beach days as well…

    double your fun

    sitting in the surf

    can you feel it?

    The water is perfect right now. If I didn’t have a little kid to watch with my eagle eyes, I would swim out past the buoys and just float with the pull of the ocean. I love doing that. One of these days I’ll do that again…when I teach Bug how to swim! Maybe this summer, I hope.


    If you’re looking for a place to vacation, I can’t recommend my beach enough. I’ve lived here fifteen years and I still love it. I wish I could offer my house as a bed and breakfast but sadly, that’s not possible. And of course hotels around here are super expensive. But I hear if you’re diligent you can get good deals in Laguna Beach… anyway, here’s to summertime! I hope you enjoy it wherever you are at!