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    new dress a day!


    It’s a mumu? It’s a cute little red dress? This girl buys awful ugly dresses at thrift stores and then turns them into something fancy. And then she does it every day for like a buck a day!! How is this possible? I’m not so motivated when it comes to sewing but this site is inspirational. I’ll be shopping the thrift stores with a whole new eye on those ugly mumus! Spied via Craft.

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    Everybody wins!

    Guess what? I can’t pick a winner for the Zenry Be-Bop Coloring Contest!!! I don’t know why I always do these contests and think I’ll be able to choose one kid over another. It’s impossible! They are all creative and incredibly cute. Everybody wins!

    If you remember, the contest was not only a coloring contest but it was also a creative writing contest. Check out what everybody came up with:


    “He is flying in outer space. He is going to live in space for 20 years then he’ll go home to his family in a tree. The Family Be-Bop has a mother, Caroline, a father, Dormy, and a big sister, Amelia. He likes to eat nuts and cherry pits and dust.” (Sho ’nuff’s kid. I don’t have a name on this one but who cares! This is adorable!)

    Zenry Be-Bop Coloring Contest

    “He is going to the space ship to go to a plant (planet) called dog and play on a space play ground and meet space dogs.” Kaylie

    Colouring Zenry Be-Bop

    “It is a space penguin eating an enormous kiwi fruit” Matilda


    “He needs to ride his space ship. Lots of time it’s dark. Space ship broke so he has to fly. Fly into God’s tummy.” Ethan, age 3

    Zenry by Kaitlyn

    “He is flying around because he is a bird. And because he lives on the earth is why he has on a space helmet that windes around. He is going to the moon to his space ship. He had landed there and forgot where it was and then he went back and remembered where it was.” Kaitlyn, Age 4


    This one was emailed to me so I’m not sure what his name is or his age or what the story on his Zenry is but check out that water-color technique! That is really good.


    “Floating around and around. And it came from that space ship on the purple planet.” Arwyn, age 5 and 11/12ths!

    And… the winners win: A 5-pack of Zenry cards!

    Zenry cards

    If I don’t have your snail mail address, email me.