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    The Flashlight Flop


    My idea was to paint flashlights in patriotic stars and stripes. Then we’d attach red or blue cellophane and one some wiggly chenille stems in front of the lenses and it would be sparkly and cool. What better way to wait for fireworks than a fun flashlight to play with right?

    stripe painting Rapunzel painting

    SuperChic painting mauve is totally patriotic

    If crafting success is rated by how many daylight hours were spent happily painting, then this was a smashing success. The kids had a blast painting. If success is rated on magazine-quality photos then it was a disastrous flop. The paint did not stick to the smooth plastic of the flashlights.

    It’s not really shown in these photos but when I pulled off the masking tape that I had so carefully taped on there to create stripes, it pulled the paint off with it! The foam stars didn’t work either. Paint seeped in around the star edges and when they were removed the blank space was a sloppy smudged blob instead.

    sloppy paint job

    star idea

    Painting a star on the lens didn’t really work out either.

    attaching the chenile stems

    But you know what did work? The chenille stems. They were totally funky and cool.

    twinkle twinkle

    They make neat wiggly shadows in the dark.

    I think this craft could be rescued by either painting with some special made-for-plastic spray paint or maybe roughing up the plastic of the flashlights with sandpaper before painting. We probably should have used painters tape instead of masking tape too but… we used what we had on hand and it was fun.

    making spooky faces

    Sometimes the process is more important than the end result anyway.