• Eye Spy

    seedy bread!


    Sometimes I feel like eating a bunch of seeds. Maybe I’m part bird. This bread looks super yummy to me. I might just have to make it!

  • Bug



    Did I tell you? Bug is in gymnastics! That’s her on the right in black on the balance beam. Wait for a minute, you’ll see her highlighted. I’d take a better photo but I think they have a no-photography policy at this gym. I am so excited that she’s involved in some sort of activity again.

    Ballet practice sort of fizzled out a long time ago when I realized that the ballet studio was taking money directly out of my checking account when we were on vacation. I’m sure it was some small print I failed to read but what I thought was a super good deal turned out to not be a deal at all. Too bad too because it was really nice having fun classes for Bug to take within walking distance. She does miss them but mama’s budget can only support so many activities.

    So now I’m paying for gymnastics lessons and I feel pretty good about it. The lessons are serious business. Not like scary coaches yelling but really good one-on-one training. The teachers treat every child like they might be a future olympian. Which they might! The gym is huuuuge. I wouldn’t be surprised if some Olympians did train there.

    So far she’s learned the “pizza hang” and the “possum hang” on the bars—which is basically a straddle hang and a sideways hang… If you know us in real life I’m sure she’s already told you all about it. She’s very proud of herself.

    I always wanted to take gymnastics when I was a kid. I’m still to this day ashamed that I never could do a cartwheel. Bug calls them “cartonwheels.” So I’m super happy Bug might break that cycle. She seems to take to it pretty well. But it’s only been two classes so we’ll see.