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Funny Fashion Friday: the late edition

king of the hill fluffies

I thought I’d have a camping post for funny fashion Friday but I don’t really. Yes, she did put some funny outfits together but I didn’t really take pictures of them and the pictures I do have are not posed so you can see her outfit clearly. But go ahead and use your imagination, I’m sure you won’t be far off. If it was green, she wore it. The above fashion statement is thanks to some super sucking mud that she stepped into near the lake.

doughnuts in Ferndale

Here she is in the little town of Ferndale. This look fit right in with the rest of the townspeople. We were on an early morning mission to get coffee and a doughnut before Toby woke up. She loves loves loves this skirt my mom made her. I think she’d wear it every day if I let her. The boots are her special “camping boots” and the white socks are white because the pink ones were dirty.

peek-a-boo tummy

I don’t know what to say about this outfit. It’s not that terrible but yet it is.

funny fashion friday take 2

And lastly, the best outfit of all. Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up. This is all Bug. The hat and sweater are hand-me-downs that have been passed through the family all the way from the 70’s. My Grandma made this sweater and hat for my brother when he was THREE. Or maybe two, I’m not sure. He was a pretty big kid. Anyway the sweater has held up quite well, don’t you think? The flowered capri pants are hand-me-downs from Annalie. Her shoes are the fake crocs that won’t die. My Aunt Keren gave them to her a year ago and they still fit. She wears them every single day it seems like and yet they will not fall apart. I guess that’s a good thing. If only they weren’t so day-glow green… but then of course they wouldn’t be such a favorite.


Then five minutes later she found a lei in her dress-up drawer that matched. I guess it all makes sense…if you’re three.