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    Last minute Ninja costume!


    I’m blogging this because I searched the internet high and low for a how-to-make a ninja mask tutorial and there wasn’t one out there. At least I didn’t find one. So here is how you can make a ninja mask the night before Halloween. It’s pretty simple. It took me about half an hour to whip up.

    First you’ll need some black fleece, some velcro and black thread. Fleece is great because it doesn’t require hemming. Just cut and you’re done. I wish I could give you advice on how to acquire some black fleece and velcro at the last minute. The fabric stores are a nightmare right now so I’m hoping you have some on hand or you aren’t really making this at the last minute.

    step 1-4

    Next you’ll need to trace your kid’s head on piece of paper to make a pattern. This can be a bit challenging if you have a wiggly kid like I do. Bribe them with candy. They are going to be ingesting large amounts of sugar Halloween night anyway, it’s not like one more piece is going to make a difference. When you’re tracing, allow a good 1-2 inch seam allowance. You don’t want your mask to be so tight they won’t wear it.

    After you’ve made your pattern, cut out two pieces of black fleece using that pattern. Then sew it up on all sides except the bottom. Then turn it right side out (seams inside).

    step 5

    Next you’ll need to cut the eye hole. I recommend just eyeballing it because trying it on your kid’s head and then poking with them with a pin could cause panic. Not that I tried that or anything, ahem.

    After you have a good sized eye hole (I recommend making it big enough for their mouth too…kids need to talk and eat candy), then cut your mouth-cover piece out of the remaining fleece. I do not have a pattern for you for this piece but I made mine a sort of half circle boat shape that was big enough to cover 3/4 of the eye hole. It’s not that hard, just wing it.

    Then sew on some velcro squares on each side and attach piece right below eyes. Add black pants, a black shirt and some black boots (or shoes) and KOWABUNGA!, instant Ninja costume! After that I say, watch your back!

    Beware of the Micro Ninja!!!!

    The rest of you are probably wondering why Bug wanted to be a Ninja for Halloween. She did want to be a green witch but then one night when we were bored up at the cabin (you can only roast so many marshmallows), we let her watch the pilot episode of Chuck. I know… not the best material for kids to be watching but it’s mostly tame and well, we were bored. Don’t worry too much, we had a big post-viewing discussion afterwards to handle all her questions, of which there were many.

    Anyway! All it took was for Bug to see Sarah whip off her black ninja mask and shake out her golden blonde hair and Bug’s mind was made up. From then on she has wanted to be Sarah the Ninja and has not wavered. What can I say. I like ninjas better than witches anyway.

    P.S. Bug is totally over her flu. Phew!