Recap: Vacation Day 3

Lake Steamy

When it’s cold, the best time to go to the lake is in the early morning before the wind kicks up. After a pancake breakfast we bundled up and went to go see what we could see. While we were there the sun slowly peeked out . Clouds drifted and as the day wore on it got brighter and brighter. Our spirits brightened with the day and soon it seemed like maybe our week at the lake wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

Fishing Buddies

checking out the canoe

We fished some and then we decided it was warm enough to take a canoe ride. It was a bit awkward at first getting used to the life jackets. When you’re wearing one it feels like your mobility has been halved. It’s like you have this giant styrofoam box around your neck, probably not unlike what dogs feel like when they have to wear the cone of shame.

life jackets are a bit uncomfortable


Things got so much better after that. We caught some fish! Bug relaxed. All was well with the world.

fishing is boring

first catch!

he caught one

It was a great day. I sort of get it now about the fishing thing. It’s boring, not a lot going on but you feel perfectly relaxed and content. There’s nothing to do and nothing you can do but just sit there on the water and zone out on how beautiful everything is. Of course this was only our first day of fishing. I had no idea that everyday would be all about fishing.


  • beyond

    that’s a nice fish toby caught. looks like some kind of bass. did you cook it for dinner?

    SAJ says: It’s a trout. Toby cooked it. I’m not a fan of fish but I did taste a bite. It tasted like swamp.


    What a great bunch of pictures! It really does show how beautiful it is out on the lake… So was it fish for dinner? :)

  • a chris

    Haha, “I had no idea that everyday would be all about fishing.” Heehee. Did you “get it” more and more each day, or did you have enough the first day?

  • BeachMama

    Looks like a really great time! I used to fish when I lived in Winnipeg, but have never fished anywhere else. I loved it, but somehow I don’t think fishing here would be the same.

  • Kuky

    Ok you want to hear something crazy? I had a video game once that had a mini game in it where you fish. The crazy part was that I actually enjoyed it, it was fun to see what size fish I could catch. I could pretend fish for hours. Totally insane right? I mean I don’t think I’ve even gone real fishing before. I wonder if catching a real fish is as fun? Must be from that last picture of Toby so very triumphant. :)

  • Leesa

    I just LOVE that last pic- is Toby saying how big the one that got away was?
    or is it the exuberation of the ‘almost caught something that time!’
    or possibly just a man in love with his holiday and his family :)

    SAJ says: It was definitely exuberance over catching a fish. Little did he know we would catch dozens of fish daily.