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Weekend of Worry and Washing Pots


It’s been an interesting Labor Day Weekend. Probably the most I’ve ever labored. I spent the weekend helping out around my brother and sister-in-law’s house trying to catch them up on some chores that had gotten away from them during the recent months. Mostly I just did dishes, made food and tried to keep my nieces from killing each other.

I’m really here for my mom to help her keep busy and not worry too much while my brother is traveling and having heart trouble at the same time. At this time of writing Shawn and CC are heading directly to a hospital in Bakersfield. We’ll hear more in an hour.

They were trying to make it all the way home but Shawn got more and more uncomfortable as the drive progressed. We’re very worried about a blood clot that showed up in some tests that were taken while he was up in Oregon. When they called an on-call doctor here in the sticks, he directed them to go to the nearest hospital right away. The good thing is that the nearest hospital turned out to be a pretty good hospital. Much better than our home hospital in the sticks. So that’s some good news.

Meanwhile we are all worried sick. It’s been a stressful weekend to say the least. The nieces seem to be taking everything in stride. Though they’ve both come down with colds. They cough and moan in their sleep as they toss and turn on the couches in my mom’s living room. My mom will probably stay up all night waiting for more news.

over hill and dale

I’m probably going home tomorrow just because I feel weary and I think I need to go home and rest up so I can be a better person. I can worry and pray from home too. But I’ll probably be back. Somebody needs to do the dishes around here.


  • Amy

    Go home and rest up… No good to them there tired and weary. You can go back when you feel more able and helpful. So sorry to hear about your brother and hope he is just fine..

  • gingermog

    Oh Brenda what a terrible situation. The good thing is that your brother is safe in the Dr’s hands and sometime soon you will know what the best course of action will be. This part is the worst though all the worrying. Thinking of you all.

  • Shanna

    I hope all goes well for your brother…

    Goooooorgeous pictures – I must take lessons! ;) What kind of lens do you use (presumptuous to assume you use one, but it looks as if you do!)

  • Ninabi

    What a frightening trip for your brother. I’m so sorry, Brenda. You must be exhausted, too. Please let us know how he is doing.

  • Mel

    Hang in there, I’m praying for you and your family and that it all gets resolved soon in a good way. Take care of yourself too.

  • Laura

    Hi there

    I’ve not commented on your blog before, however I was really sad to see your latest news, and really wanted to wish you and your brother well. I hope everything improves really soon.

    Love & best wishes


  • BeachMama

    Brenda, have been thinking of Shawn since reading of his heart troubles. I pray that the right Doctor is on duty tonight and gets some answers for you and your family. Will be praying for him.

  • Jeanie

    What a wonderful family you come from that you’re all banding together to care for the girls, pray for your brother, do the dishes and just generally do what it takes. He is lucky to have all of you.

    I hope you get the rest you need. Smart move because sometimes this stuff goes on a while and resting when you can is tantamount to survival.

    Will pray from Minneapolis, Minnesota for your brother and his family and you.

  • Leesa

    thinking and praying for you all. Look after yourself too- your family needs you, and needs you well yourself so your time out at home option will help yourself and them. You are doing the best you can, given the stressful circumstances.
    It’s so great you have friends to talk to-without a support network of friends there would be so much more unnecessary suffering in this world.
    Look after that gorgeous green daughter of yours! I come to your site (mostly) everyday jusst to adore your photos of her and be encouraged by your happiness in the simple things in life. and remember Toby is there for you- what a God given blessing husbands are to us.