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    And with that we wrap up our house-sitting…

    garden tomatoes

    Sadly, our stint of house-sitting is coming to a close. We’ll be super happy to see Bethany and Annalie again but I’m sad we’ll have to pack up and go home soon. We love it here. What is even more sad is that someday soon Bethany will probably move away from this cute little town (her husband, Troy, is in the military) and then I won’t have a good excuse to come visit anymore.

    Or will I?

    Guess what? I made a new friend in this little town. Jora from Domestic Reflections lives here! Who knew! The internet it such a small wonderful place. We caught up for a couple of play dates. She has the most awesome house. I’m plotting ways to visit her and take photos for my alpha+mom craft days there.

    Jora's back yard

    Seriously, look at this place. I was too shy to take too many photos… as it was only our second time meeting but her beautiful back yard and pool just screamed to be photographed. And we were lucky enough to go swimming there!


    Do you know how nice a salt water pool feels on a hot hot hot summer day? You probably do. Divine. Since I grew up in the high desert, I have a real soft spot for dry heat. I love dipping in a pool and feeling the desert breeze tickle the hairs on my wet arms. Everywhere around the pool were succulents and cacti that totally made me feel at home. I love the landscaping around Jora’s yard.

    cruising around Jora's house

    The kids were having a great time playing. I tried to sneak in a photo or two of the house and then when Bug was exploring this neat little reading nook area she touched one of the recessed lighting fixtures and burned her finger.

    burn victim

    So that ended my stealthy photo-taking session and the rest of the evening was spent trying to console Bug. It was really too bad it had to end like that because we really had a sweet time. I really wanted to take a photo of the most yummy tomato (fresh from the garden) and bacon sandwich that Jora made me. And then when we were eating them her little girl crawled up in her lap and kissed her pregnant belly!!! It was so cute and darling. If I had a camera in my eyes I would be a smashingly successful photographer because that was the best shot ever. But as I said, I had a crying kid in my lap so that was that. Good thing I have it in my memory though.

    On the way home we accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up at the top of a mountain. Thankfully by then Bug’s finger pain had subsided and we decided to get out and take in the view. Not a bad place to end up at sunset. Not bad at all.

    finally some cooler weather

    I really love it here. We’ll be back Jora!