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    Funny Fashion Friday

    little hippie

    I know it’s nothing new for kids to dress themselves in crazy combinations but I’ve been thinking I ought to document Bug’s more interesting outfits here for the grandparents and Bug fans.

    Hippie Dippy Psychadelic Mushroom Outfit: teeny tanktop size 2 from Old Navy, nifty skirt my mom made her from flour sack fabric, stylin’ bandana shorts from Noirbettie. They are really cool, maybe not so much as bloomers though.


    Urban Hippie (?) Another skirt sewed by my mom (she’s been awesome lately with the hand sewn things), Honey Bear shirt from a birthday party two years ago, some pink leggings that I coaxed her to wear instead of the red bell bottoms she chose originally and of course green sandals from See Kai Run.

    flutter bug

    Hiker Butterfly: cardboard fairy wings, hand-me-down shirt and shorts from Annalie and Duckie Tevas from Uncle Shawn and Auntie CC.

    fashion forward

    And yesterday’s outfit, what should I call it? Biker Chic? It’s not that bad really except for the red Hello Kitty socks and Sunday-go-to-meeting shoes. Which by preschooler standards are probably way hip and cool. She told me she was matching Pounce, the black and white cat. Shirt, shorts and socks are hand-me-downs. Shoes are from Target or somewhere. I’d also like to note my mad skills on French braiding. She’s getting better at staying still these days.

    So what are you wearing? Anybody else wanna play along with a Funny Fashion Friday post?