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    Can I go home with you?

    We rented a puppy today. Well, not really. We just borrowed him for half an hour. There is a pet store nearby that allows you to walk any puppy they have for a dollar. You get an official badge that says “Puppy Exerciser.” It’s a lot of fun for you and the dog.

    silly dog

    It also helped me remember why I don’t want a puppy because I forget every now and then. Puppies are so hyper and they don’t really know how to walk on a leash right away. They take years of training. Much more than half an hour.


    We instantly fell in love. Bug adored him even though he wanted to herd us like a bunch of cattle. He constantly would jump up and nip Bug’s jacket if she didn’t walk fast enough. Which is totally understandable because I often want to nip at her to make her go faster too. The only way we could get him to go anywhere was if Bug ran ahead so he could chase after her.


    So we named him Chaser. We also named him Scratcher and Jumper and Yelper and Carmel and a bunch of other names. We tried them all on while we daydreamed about what it would be like to take him home to keep if only we had a yard…

    mall walker

    We walked Chaser around the mall as best we could. Mostly we just stopped and let other people pet him and exclaim over his cuteness. I can totally see why guys get puppies to meet girls. We met all sorts of girls…and boys and older people. It was an eye-opening way to spend a half-hour at the mall.

    We met a man who used to run a ranch. He was older and stooped but he had a big shiny belt buckle with a horseshoe on it so I believed him. He looked like a rancher. He couldn’t talk long, his wife was pulling him toward some sale but I knew he wanted to. “Australian Shepherds are the smartest dogs alive,” he told us. He looked sad like maybe he’d had several Australian Shepherds in his life and he missed them.

    Another man circled around us in a motorized wheelchair. Between coughing fits he told us that it’s a scientific fact that pets can lower your blood pressure. His doctor had practically ordered him to get a dog but he didn’t have one. His wife had a bird and apparently that was enough. He also had a lot to say about puppy mills and how mutts from the pound are much better pets. I believe him. I already knew that but it didn’t make me love Chaser any less. Chaser can’t help it that he’s inbred and costs way too much. He’s just a cute puppy.

    best friends for the day

    When our half hour was up I knew it would be hard to say goodbye. Bug started crying even before we had turned him in. I don’t think it’s the pet store’s intention to get you to fall in love with a puppy so you drop hundreds of dollars and take him home (though I’m sure that happens). I think it’s just a really great way for the dogs to get some exercise and learn to socialize with people. These dogs are probably the most socialized dogs around. I would think that is a good thing but I’m not sure.

    taking five

    Is it as hard for them to say goodbye as it was for us? I’m hoping not. Bug cried and cried. She’s been talking about him all day. I told her we could ask Daddy if we could get a dog but I know that isn’t an option while we live in the apartment we do. Chaser needs lots of space to run and I don’t think our cats would take kindly to herding. But even though it was bittersweet to say goodbye I still think it was a fun thing to do. Who knows, maybe we’ll go back another day and take him for another walk.

    puppy love

    I have a feeling that someday…some year…we’ll get a dog like this and maybe we’ll name him Chaser too.

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    Random update

    Katie always wants to go out.

    The house-sitting and cat-sitting have been going pretty well. I really wish I had some great accomplishment to brag about but we’ve been doing a bunch of nothing. Well, not really nothing, just nothing especially noteworthy.


    I used Bethany’s steam-mop and cleaned her house the first day I got here. Why? Because I could. Not that her house was dirty, but it’s so much more fun to clean someone else’s house than my own. I’m sure the novelty will wear off very soon. Like today. Heh.

    I only like steam-mopping because it makes me feel like a superhero. Can’t you see me flying around Bethany’s house, steam mop in hand and my cape flapping behind me? I should buy one for my house. Too bad most of my floors are covered with disgusting carpet that would turn to mud if I tried to steam them—another reason why it’s fun to clean someone else’s house. There is no mud-encrusted carpet here. Just knowing that makes me feel more at peace. We really need to move.


    not starbucks

    Bug and I walked downtown for a cup of coffee (for me) and poked around the antique shops. That didn’t last very long after I inquired after a glass coffee percolator and found out it cost $72. Yikes. I guess I’m not in the market for antiques. If anyone sees one in a garage sale for $30 or less, buy it for me. I’ll pay you back in graphics. Never mind. What am I saying? I don’t have any room for miscellaneous coffee pots. The French press works great.

    We’ve painted some paintings (not enough progress to photograph yet) in Annalie’s garage art studio. We also stopped by the ceramic painting studio to paint some cups and plates. That was pretty fun. I’m really blessed to have a kid who actually likes to paint with me and will sit still for longer than 20 minutes. We made friends with another mom and little boy next to us who were painting ceramic motorcycles (!) for Father’s Day.

    You should have heard Bug chatting the little boy’s ear off. I wish I would have made a movie of her yakking away. I think both the little boy’s mom and I were thankful they kept each other occupied so we could paint in peace.

    taking our job seriously

    Sometimes when I don’t do much with Bug all day I take her to a park to ease my conscience. I just feel bad because she doesn’t have anyone to play with and I’m not as cooperative with her little games as she’d like. I’m very thankful that Bethany’s cats are so easy-going because they have been her only playmates lately. She couldn’t care less about Annalie’s toys, she’s way more into playing with the cats or me. I think the cousins are going to come down and visit us next week and Toby is coming tomorrow night so he can take us to Sea World on Friday. Whee! We are both very excited about that.

    So here are some photos I took while I was bored at the park.


    white point


    My eyebrows want to join a gang and beat you up.


    We’ve also been enjoying our bachelorhood by eating whatever we want whenever we feel like it. Trader Joe’s is awesome for random buffet meals of berries, nuts and junk food. Though it’s biting me in the butt because now Bug thinks she can eat cheese puffs for breakfast. We’re going to have to detox on the snack food next week or else going home is going to be a festival of tears. Which it probably is going to be anyway. The beach is so boring when you have a whole house to run around and orcas to visit.