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    the house-sitting comes to a close

    time's up

    Well, my house-sitting stint is nearly up. The mail has been collected. The cats have been fed and petted. The cat boxes are clean and the trash has been taken out. I might take a spin around the kitchen with the steam mop but pretty much everything is done. I’m a little sad my stay at this five star resort is over. I’ve really enjoyed myself here.

    guest room art

    I got some paintings done in Annalie’s garage art studio. I took the liberty of hanging them in the guest room since those walls were bare and Bethany lets me get away with pretty much anything here—even putting nails in the wall. I might leave them here, I might sell them. I don’t know. The guest room needs some art. But I don’t know. Bethany already has quite a bit of my art here already.

    a collection?

    Too much maybe?

    a little bathroom art

    There was this empty frame sitting on the floor in the living room. I’ve noticed it’s been there a while. Bethany probably has plans to put photos in it but hasn’t gotten around to it yet. So I just sort of um… printed out some illos and stuck them in the frame and hung it on an existing nail. She can discard my print out. It’s on cheap copy paper and my toner is running out so it’s not like she’ll be throwing away a masterpiece. I just couldn’t resist, the frame was begging for some art just sitting there all empty like that.

    Maybe if Toby and I ever fall down on our luck I can hire myself out as house-sitter/art decorator. I think that would be a pretty good job.


    So that’s it. This house-sitting stay has been extremely productive. I accomplished all the things I set out to do: some Gocco printing, some pottery painting, some normal painting, visits with family and a trip to Sea World with Toby. I couldn’t really ask for more. Sign me up for next year!