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Greetings from the wet and soggy North!

short hair

So here we are on our trip to Northern California. But the real news is that Toby cut his hair! Can you believe it!!? He told me he was going to cut his hair when I first met him fourteen years ago. It never happened. He’s grumbled about it over the years but never done anything. I just got used to the scraggly ponytail as part of his “look.” Toby’s an artist, he can get away with these things. He wore big clunky glasses way before they were ever cool so I just figured his hair was his own business.

not smiling

I really expected his haircut to be more shocking. He looks the same from the front. From the back he looks like a regular Republican white guy, which he is, so I guess that’s okay. Now he’s grumbling about how his preppy collared shirts don’t look good on him anymore and he wants to grow it out again. Who knew men could be so vain?! I think it’s all sort of funny. I’d love him no matter what kind of hair he had.

long long car ride

Other than the big haircut news, our trip has been mostly uneventful, which is good. We did get a nail in our tire in Santa Rosa and spent a few hours hanging out in a tire shop. There is nothing like a few hours of good old-fashioned family bonding in a tire-shop waiting room.


playing tag at the tire store

waiting for a new tire is very tiring

I’m just glad that we make this trip in two days now instead of the one-day insanity that we used to pull off. It would have been way more taxing if we had to deal with this tire business in the middle of the night.

Bug was really good in the car. She only got cranky about being stuck in her carseat late in the day. I don’t blame her at all about that. I’m pretty cranky about being stuck in a seatbelt after more than four hours too. We had a DVD player (that I borrowed, thank you Bethany!) but Bug, being Bug, would much rather have me entertain her than anything else.

pretending to be dogs

You don’t even know how glad I was to finally make it to the grandparents’ house where there are cousins to help entertain the toddler. Bug’s cousins are the best. They played together for hours and hours. And then we went home to our cozy cabin motel and she conked out like a light.

our hotel room has a kitchen!

I LOVE our cozy cabin motel. It has a kitchen!!! We had no idea it had a kitchen when we made the reservations a few weeks ago. You’d think they’d include a detail like that on their website, but no. Of course they included all kinds of information about the wifi connection that was absolutely not available for the first four hours that we were here. Isn’t it always like that? I don’t know why I always get my panties in a twist about the wifi connection. You’d think I’d be used to the lack of a good connection since it happens every single time. I’m just not happy if I can’t get my fix, I guess.

Anyway, after a bit of complaining (which I hate to do; it’s sort of like complaining to a waiter who might spit in your food as soon as he gets back to the kitchen) I have the internet and I’m happy.

putting her clothes away

You know what else makes me happy? My kid putting her own clothes away in the dressers. She’s such a funny kid. The only problem with these easy access drawers is that she’s changed her outfit three times today and it’s only early afternoon. I think I’m going to be needing a laundromat if she keeps this up.

making breakfast

And of course I cannot end this post without documenting the fact that Toby made us breakfast.

yummy pancakes!

It’s good to be on vacation!


  • cc

    The haircut looks great.

    I’m sorry you had tire problems, but I’m glad it didn’t happen when it was just you and Bug.

    Your breakfast photos just reminded me that I haven’t eaten yet, and it’s 1:30.

  • Jummy

    And a well deserved vacation it is! Enjoy yourselves, Toby, Brenda and Bug!

    I think Toby looks dashing with his shorter hair! And that breakfast looks delicious!

  • Clownfish

    From one ‘regular Republican white guy’ to another. When I used to need a break, I’d go flat-top. It’s good to change it up. Besides, as long as it’s still growing…it’ll just come back. Looks good Toby but don’t loose the glasses…totally signature!

  • Clover

    I just found your website yesterday, thanks to a link to your cute free Valentine’s. Wish I could have found them before grumpily settling for some Wal-Mart silliness. Your illustrations are great, your daughter is beautiful, and your blog is fun to read! Glad I found it!

  • Toby

    I hate my hair whenever I try on suits, and this time I really got creeped out when I looked in the mirror. So I lost the hair but still don’t have a suit. I didn’t want to be a balding guy with a ratty ponytail. It was a hang-up- that was the main reason.

  • kathryn

    I don’t know why Toby would think he doesn’t look good in clothes.. He’s a good looking guy.. (unless it is that he prefers no clothes? haha I’m joking) :D but the haircut is very nice. I’m glad you guys are having fun on vacation! We just went to Florida and Disney World. My son (who just turned three almost two weeks ago) could get into his clothes too and would drag all kinds of outfits or pajamas out for me to put on him. :)

    I hope the rest of the vacation is wonderful!

  • Anna-b-bonkers

    I think he looks so fantastic, and totally still artistic, silly man! But I understand his feelings.
    Bug is too funny with the drawer and unpacking and changing throughout the day, I get such a kick out of her!
    Breakfast, mmmmm!

  • cc

    The changing clothes thing may not get better. I’m moving SuperChic’s dresser back into my room. I’m tired of all the extra laundry.

  • Deeleea

    Thanks for the insight Toby! Was a great decision! It’s kinda like the reason I don’t have ink… I really like the idea but really don’t want to be an old lady with a tattoo…

    Hope you all have a wonderful time at the wedding!

  • BeachMama

    Toby your hair looks great, but you looked great with long hair too, you can get away with it long.

    Sorry you hit tire troubles, so so much better in daytime that night time, been there, don’t want to do that again. Looks like you guys are having fun!