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Rehearsal Dinner

the bride and groom

We sure had a good time at the rehearsal dinner last night. I always wonder how Bug is going to fit in with the Ponnay side of the family. We don’t see them often, since they all live up north, so I expected some shyness and maybe even some hugging aversion.

me and Bug

Obviously, I am a worrywart for no reason because Bug is the most social kid on earth. She was running around poking people I didn’t even know within seconds of arriving. Everyone loved her and of course she ate up all the attention like it was cake for lunch. I think I’m going to have a hard time keeping tabs on her at the wedding today.

Grandma Mor Mor

I don’t have many pictures from the rehearsal dinner because it was a pretty low-lit venue and I refuse to use the flash on my camera. I’ll just say we had lovely time with friends and relatives and the food was delicious. I’m sure glad someone let me know that the ravioli had smoked salmon inside because that might have ruined my evening. I cannot stand anything fish-related no matter how smothered it is in cream sauce. It looked tasty but I’ll stick with the chicken cordon bleu, thank you.

it turns out she doesn't like Shirley Temples

I wish I had recorded some of the wild and crazy toasts that were bantered around throughout the night. The Ponnays always know how to celebrate and when the alcohol flows so does their flowery language. Don’t worry though, Bug was not drinking. I tried to give her a Shirley Temple but she would have none of that awful stuff with bubbles.

kissy faces

I do have pictures of Bug and me getting ready for the rehearsal dinner. I’m so glad I have a daughter. She is so much fun to primp with. Here you can see we are putting on our “lipstick” and practicing our kissy faces that Angella taught us. Neither of us are actually wearing lipstick. I don’t think I even own any. I’m wearing some kind of lip liner smudged on with chap stick and Bug is wearing chap stick with a few remnants of my lip liner. Whatever works, right?

Ready to go!

Fierce is all about attitude.

In a few hours we will be getting ready all over again for the wedding. We are very excited. I’ve heard there will be a craft table for kids (and one taller kid, who would be me) to make valentines to give to the bride and groom. How sweet is that?

I’ll be back with lots of details!


  • Gramma

    We remember that you stole the show at Uncle D and Aunt J’s wedding back in 1975. Your mom was at the guest book up front and your dad was at the back taking pictures, movies I think, so neither one of t hem could get to you. Your petticoat was very and pretty.

  • Uncle George

    Thanks to you and Toby for bringing me along! It’s been wonderful, and Ms. Helena was the sweetest thing whilst travelling…she is really a trooper.

  • Sonja von Franck

    Love the pictures, Bug’s dress and the fact that you have time to post while traveling. But honestly, I’m reeling from something you mentioned. I just can’t IMAGINE anyone not owning lipstick! I don’t know where all mine have come from but I’m sure I’ll die leaving at least 30 tubes! You LOOK like you’ve got color so it’s nothing for you to worry about – just me! Now to figure out…where are all these lipsticks they coming from?? Maybe I just never throw any away…

  • Camels & Chocolate

    I, too, REFUSE to use the flash on the camera (though I’m loving my new flash pack for my DSLR) and also hate seafood! How hard is it living on the California coast and not eating seafood? Everyone always treats me like I have three heads!

  • lynne

    Psst SAJ I only own one tube of lipstick and that was a freebie from Clinque passed my way by my mother in law :)

    Such a pretty picture of you and Bug enjoying a shmooshy hug.