Happy Birthday Bug




You’re THREE today!


  • pinky

    I can’t believe how fast the past three years (well, four, if you count pregnancy) have gone by! Heck, the last year went by for me in about ten minutes! Happy Birthday Bug!

  • leslie

    happy birthday bug!
    looks like you had a wonderful one filled with green, joy and laughter:)
    (i had a sneak peak at bethany’s)

    it’s amazing that her expressions haven’t changed that much…..

  • a chris

    Great collection! I think I’ve said it before, but Bug is going to love looking through your photos.

    It strikes me that some of the earliest Bug pics are the same picture I have of my little girl (9 weeks old). And some are shots I now see I’ve missed and wish I’d taken! We’re in England though, so some of the sunlit shots and especially beach shots were never in our potential portfolio. :)

    Such different baby girls, but in ways, so similar. The whole-being delight or discontent, the cheeky smiles, the steady gaze, some of the contents of the toolkit used to take apart the childless person and put her together again somehow equipped to be a Mom.

    …Don’t mind me. Postnatal hormones, you know. I never used to see what was so engaging about babies. Although the tendency to blather on once I’ve started typing is not new…

    Your pictures and stories give hints as to what’s in store in the near future for us.