Bug,  The Zoo

What a difference a day 29 months makes…

it was a hot day

we do it like that

Poor Pounce, he is such a good cat. He puts up with her mauling him, being the target of some kind of cruel giant-red-ball-bouncing game, chased around the house, squirted with squirt bottles, smothered with blankets, being sat on, dressed in girl clothes…he is patient and long-suffering. I guess I can put up with him yowling for cat food at 5:30 every morning.

we do it like this

chillin' with Pounce on the patio


  • jonie

    Adorable. Pretty soon, time for toilet training and pacifier weening. It’s amazing how time passes, huh?

  • Kate

    So sweet. I have baby pictures much like this, with our big 20-lb black cat, Mikey. There’s something special about being loved by a cat when you’re little.

  • The Chatty Housewife

    I love the new banner! Very secret agentish. It’s secret agent bug! I can’t believe how much she has grown. You should make a series of these photos and keep on taking them as she gets older! (Um, how old is the cat?)

  • beck

    What a good cat! My cat is the same way, although she’s more vocal about what she does not like. It’s amusing, because she will not avoid K at ALL and when K does pick her up and drag her around the house or hug her a little too vigorously, she’ll just meow and grouch but not lift a single claw or tooth to K. She yowls for help and I come running to separate them. I don’t get it! Why not just avoid the crazy baby? Silly cat. I guess she really does love her.

  • Jennifer

    Time is passing so quickly. I’ve been having a really hard time looking at Audrey’s baby pictures lately. I’m getting a little teary eyed just looking at BB’s. What a good cat you have. Emily still remembers her good times with the cats we had when she was BB’s age. I like the laying on the ground pictures, ha! I’ve felt like doing that a few times this week.

  • Spandrel Studios

    You do so many cool activities with your little one that it’s easy to forget she’s not even three years old! It must be so much fun to grow up in such a creative, thoughtful family!

  • gingermog

    I think Pounce must be a very special, tolerant sort of cat there is no way Willow would have even come up those stairs if there was a hint of mischief with a bouncing ball (I liked Toby’s laughter in the back ground). When we last had a party she tried to metamorphis into a pile of shoes at the bottom of our wardrobe and didn’t appear out untl hours after the last guest had departed.

    Have a great weekend you guys:)

  • Cuteluc

    Oh I love cats! You know the ones, who, no matter how much they get poked or someone pulls their tail, they are always so loving. BB is still such a cutie! Cute photos, and a amazing post as always. ;)
    Ps. I’m very sorry I seem to be having cute torretts or something in this comment!

  • Jerri Ann

    I’m thinking that maybe both of those little creatures are cats…how funny their positions are to me….. I called my cat-loving husband over here to check out the two.

  • bluejaye

    I was just reading the twitter about the air show. You can get pretty good ear protection at a sporting goods store. The “head phones” are marketed to sport shooters. We got them for the car races.

  • Rhi

    Hee :)

    My kitty is currently laying JUST LIKE THAT in the middle of the floor. I feel KINDA bad that I’m about to get the vacuum cleaner out ;0

  • Stacy

    Cute Pictures. Have you even started potty training yet? That Pacifier really needs to go. It’s the Parents responsibility to do these things. It only becomes harder the older they get to take the pacifier. Super Nanny has a lot of great tips for potty training and pacifier weaning. Good Luck.

  • BeachMama

    Oh so cute. I was just looking at photos of J at the same age as Apple and it is crazy, he was twice her size!! Just wait until she starts talking back, yikes it still catches me by surprise.