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Pizza Playdate!


We had a pizza playdate yesterday. It’s a great idea. You’ll have to hit Jen up for the pizza dough recipe but I’m sure it’s easy. We just showed up when the dough was ready to punch down (my favorite part) and play with but I don’t think it’s hard to do. At least I hope not because I’m thinking I might cook this for dinner some time soon.

patta pat

Baby Bug and Audrey always get along so it doesn’t really matter what they do but watching them play with the dough was really fun. “More flour!” they kept asking. Two-year-olds are so zen. They could care less about the end result, it was all about the feeling of sticky dough and silky dry flour. Squish, squish, squish—it was better than play dough.


spreading on the sauce

After enough fluffing and patting and playing pat-a-cake, the dough was ready for toppings. They both ate enough cheese during that step that they weren’t hungry to eat lunch later. But then I’m used to that whole routine. Baby Bug seems to be on an every-other-day hunger strike as it is. I’m just glad she snacked on cheese and not her usual food of choice—gummy fruit snacks.

we like ham and pineapple

It was delicious! I know because I ate Baby Bug’s portion and my portion. I really need to stop doing that.

big chocolate orbs

All in all, it was a fun play date. I dare you to look into these eyes and disagree.

p.s. Here’s Jen’s recipe!


  • Jennifer

    I knew I could count on you for pictures. I never considered flour as a topping until yesterday. Next time we get together to cook, Enchiladas! :)

    The new banner is AWESOME. I love it!

  • bluejaye

    My son learned how to make pizza in 7th grade home-ec…it’s called FACS now.
    You use biscuits in a tube, roll them out a little and place in a muffin tin. Add a little sause, cheese and pepperoni. Bake for about 10 minutes.

    He was so proud when he could make these for several of his friends on a day they were all out of school.

    This teacher also teaches them how to make a cheese omelet. This is our breakfast on the day of a cross country meet. Great fuel for a 3K run.

  • Gramma

    I’ve never tried pizza, but plan to use a Boboli crust tonight to make half a hamburger, garlic, onion, olive, vegetable and cheese spread on tomato sauce, and half fruit and nuts and cheese spread on apple butter and honey.

    Incidentally, Auntie B has the dough recipe. Her family gets to have pizza EVERY Friday night.

  • Kuky

    Hey, I made pizza yesterday. But not at a play date. Just little old me doing the making, trying a new thin crust skillet pizza dough recipe with beer!

  • Oopsy Daisy

    You know that pic where Audrey has her dough on a plate? I have that EXACT same dish set! It’s such a familar feeling to see your dishes in someone else’s pictures. Makes you feel like you might have good taste after all since someone else went to the trouble of buying that same pattern. LOL

    Pizza making is fun for adults too. I cheat though, I use frozen pizza dough.