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Soaking up some grandparently love.

out to coffee with Papa

Poor us, stuck here all alone with nobody to play with but the cats. You’d think we’d be so lonely and bored in an unfamiliar house in an unfamiliar town…


Yeah right. We are livin’ it up! Party at the Actuallys’! Just kidding. No parties but we are inviting family to visit us. The cousins had school so they couldn’t make it but my Mom and Dad stopped by for a very fun visit.

My Dad and Bug and I walked downtown for a cup of coffee early this morning while my Mom slept in. Then later in the day I went antiquing with my mom. It was very pleasant. I haven’t poked around in an antique store since I was pregnant. I didn’t buy anything but it was still all sorts of fun—especially since I didn’t have to worry about a very squirrelly toddler breaking things. She was off with her “Papa” watching the trains go by.

some Gramma Sugar love

Grandparents are the BEST.