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Cat sitting Cat sitting Cat sitting and…

enjoying the sunbeam

Still cat sitting.

Cat sitting. Cat sitting. Cat sitting.

having a moment

I’d have more photos of all the cat sitting we’re doing but I’m sort of doing something else too that has completely captured my attention. So much so that I have no interest in my freelance work (this is a shocker since I love my freelance work), I have no interest in emailing, I have no interest in blogging (except when I’m supposed to be sleeping and can’t because I drank too much coffee)…I even have no interest in all the paintings I was supposed to be doing this week. I brought all my stuff and it’s sitting on the kitchen table waiting for me.

So what am I doing that is so much more fun than all my other interests? I’m unpacking boxes.

I’m on a mission to unpack Bethany’s entire house and put everything away in such brilliant places that she doesn’t mind that I am totally crossing the line and snooping through her personal stuff. I know this is so taboo and weird but she gave me permission! Ask her yourself. She hates unpacking and for her this is a favor. I think it’s the funnest thing ever.

I’m a nut. I know. I actually love organizing stuff for other people. I get a rush from it. It’s like playing Tetris. If I can fit everything in the perfect place then I’ve won. A place for everything and everything in it’s place. It’s my mantra. If I weren’t so busy being a mom, I would go into business doing this. I love it! I really do. And yes, I’ll come unpack your house for you too if you live in my town and you buy me a latte and you’re not scary or perverted.

tick tock tail

So anyway, that’s what I’m doing. No photos of the house until the job is complete.

Over and out.


  • Sarah

    Right now, Bethany’s typing “PWNED!” over a photo of you. You think she invited you there to look after the cats? I don’t think so. She’s far too wily.

  • Jennifer

    I’d hook you up with a latte IV if you could help me organize my house. I think that part of my brain is missing. This kind of reminds me of Trading Spaces. Can you get video of Bethany’s reaction to her unpacked home?

  • lynne

    You are a wonderful friend!

    Once again I admire the lighting in your photos. I hope your coffee wiredness wears off soon, I know that feeling all to well. Presently I am at the opposite side of the circle starting my day with my coffee cup in my hand reading my favourite blogess before a long day of getting crocodilles to speak. Hope you slept well.

  • Melissa

    Oh! Absolutely! I could leave my own boxes until I knew for sure where I wanted to put everything but I would so love to unpack someone else’s house and get them organized! That would be…dare I say it…fun! I bet you and Bug are having a blast. Have a great time ‘cat sitting’. I think Bug is probably doing all of the ‘cat sitting’…if nothing else, they are probably enjoying sitting with her and watching you!

  • Darci

    “It’s like playing Tetris. If I can fit everything in the perfect place then I’ve won. A place for everything and everything in it’s place. It’s my mantra.” Amen Sister.. I have to laugh when I see this, because my dad and I used to have tetris wars, and my grandmother quoted your mantra to me over and over and you’ve summed me up to a T :)
    Can I borrow you for Nov 1st.. I’m moving again.

  • Meg

    It would probably bother you to know that I still have a few unpacked boxes from when I moved three years ago, huh? You are too sweet. I would totally buy you a latte!

  • Gayle

    I love the photos. The light is so beautiful!

    That’s so cool that you’re unpacking Bethany! She must be excited to come back to an organized home!

  • Bethany S.

    Are you willing to travel to Massachusetts? lol I hate unpacking too! I moved 3 years ago and I’m still not 100% unpacked!

  • Keli

    My mother-in-law unpacked all of my stuff into my husband’s house while we were on our honeymoon, but almost 3 years later, I still can’t find things. I think she just threw a bunch of it away.

    You are a good friend! :)

    Hm, I’m a new poster, I found you through … I can’t remember. BlogHer maybe? Anyway, love your blog and have added it to my reader for more morning entertainment.

  • lynne

    Just incase your interested and I am sure your not the translation of “A place for everything and everything in it’s place” in Welsh (my mother tounge) is “Lle i bob peth a bob peth un ei lle” an often quoted mantra by my Great Aunt Jane.

  • bethany actually

    the ambitious mrs When we got Katy from the shelter, we were told that she is a tortoiseshell-point Siamese. From the reading I’ve done, though, I don’t think she is a true tortie-point Siamese. Her markings aren’t that defined. She does have noticeable points, but they’re fairly diluted by the tortoiseshell coloring. Does that answer your question or confuse you more?

    I feel I should add my two cents that SAJ asked me more than once before this week if I was SURE I didn’t want her to unpack my house. I held firm that I didn’t want her to do it until we were gone. Because once I was gone, the idea that I needed to have things in a specific place just didn’t seem as important. And hey, my house will be unpacked, which will be awesome and for which Brenda knows she will have my UNDYING gratitude, and as many projects crocheted and birthday cakes baked as she wants.

  • Abby

    I’m with Jennifer – if a latte IV is what it takes (and a plane flight to KY) I would do it to have you organize my mess!!! Howsabout I MegaBus you here?????

  • JessicaD

    Seriously, I will pay for you and the bug to come out to Massachusetts and unpack us. We moved a couple of months ago and on the surface things look moderately organized, until you encounter the stacks upon stacks of boxes in the basement. Scary, indeed. Let me know if you and the bug would like a break from sunny SoCal to come out to lovely, but getting chillier, Boston!

  • Jamie

    No cat to sit here, but can you come help me unpack too? We did our military move almost 3 months ago and I finally got fed up with the boxes, so I sent them up to the attic. Oy!

  • Jenn

    I’m moving this weekend! Not to your town since I’m not right on the coast, but not far away I’m guessing. Would you come to Fountain Valley for several latte’s and help me unpack and organize? I’m super overwhelmed by both. And to cool off we can sit by my new pool and drink iced tea with little umbrellas in it. And my two girls will happily entertain baby bug.

    Hmm…hopefully desperation doesn’t sound the same as scary and perverted. I swear I’m only desperate. :)

  • Divina

    You are so awesome. You could make a pretty penny doing that too, I’d think! How lucky your friends are!

  • karen

    I tetris stuff around in my house, too! I just wish it would stay put once I’ve put it there. Someone let a bunch of boys in here, though, and they never put anything away….

  • Carleen

    Thanks so much for the WONDERFUL flash cards they are just perfect!!
    Glad the beads are a hit!!! I love to see children crafting, so much better for them then the boob tube!!