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Mess Maker, Mess Maker, Make Me a Mess….

Ms. Mess

I bet you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to. Projects galore! I will be sharing very soon over at my Alpha Mom gig but until then it’s top secret!

Edited to add:

It’s up! I’ll be back here later to fill you in on the nitty gritty details.


  • lynne

    Hmm I am intrigued. I see a mixer in the picture. Could it be foam latex models? Nah too fiddly for little kids. I can’t believe how warm it looks at your place. Winter kicked in with some surprise snow yesterday and I am sitting here with a wooly hat on. Jeepers!

  • Oopsy Daisy

    I absolutely LOVE your ideas for Halloween candy. Having been through quite a few bags myself (and Haloween isn’t until tomorrow) I felt like you were writing about me almost. LOL. I am going to make an advent candy calender for November with my leftover candy (we hardly get any trick or treaters either) and let my 8 year old granddaughter pop the tissue paper on each cup every day after school. It will be a nice treat for her to look forward to without overloading on too much candy and making the advent calender will keep me busy. Awesome ideas Brenda, keep em coming!

  • Britt

    Supercute! Great photos and adorable model.

    (Crafty Crow posted a nice empty-box idea yesterday that Bug might like . . .)

  • nicole

    My solution for Halloween candy is a little something known as the “Halloween Candy Fairy” The kids can choose a few pieces (10 this year) and they leave the loot for the fairy who swings by after bedtime and replaces the candy with a gift…the candy gets sent to John’s school to be used as bingo prizes through out the year! Funny, though, the fairy only visits houses where people believe in the halloween candy fairy!

  • junebug

    I love all the projects and creative activities you all always seem to have going on! Sounds, and looks, like lots of fun!!

    – Junebug (formerly “Soleil”)