Beach Bits,  Bug

The best “shubble” in the world!

The best "shubble" in the whole world!

We have about seventeen-billion sand toys that live in a dusty old bucket under our stairs. We take a walk to the beach just about every day. We remember to bring a sand toy with us about once a week. WE ALWAYS forget to bring a shovel. Or “shubble” as Baby Bug would say.

If we do remember to bring a shovel, then we forget it on the beach or it somehow gets lost somewhere along the route to and from the beach. We’ve had a string of beach shovels and each loss has been mourned with real tears. One of these days I will wise up and attach a shovel to a long cord connected to the stroller.

So, knowing our bad luck with shovels, you can imagine our delight when we discovered a bright shiny scooping spoon on the beach the other morning. Someone probably brought it for a picnic to scoop their potato salad or something and left it behind.

You know what that means, it’s ours now! That’s the great thing about living at the beach and walking along it every morning. We get to see the wreckage that was the weekend after it is over. We hardly ever go down to the beach when it is crowded. Too much trouble. It’s way more fun the next morning.

Most of the time we are disgusted by the litter. Sometimes we find neat things like shiny spoons. Hopefully we won’t lose it before the end of the week.

p.s. classy outfit brought to you by: pajamas (we always leave the house in our pj’s) and apple juice that spilled all over her pants


  • Gingermog

    Ahem, confession here. When I was BB’s age and a little bit older I was a shovel thief (hangs head in shame). Each time my mother would take me to the beach which was often as we lived 5 minutes away, at the end of the day I would toddle off home with several shovels in my hands. My mother would have no idea who these belonged too to return them. Probably she made me leave them behind on the beachhoepfully to be found by their real owners. She’s very honest. Maybe you have a secret shovel thief following you?

    I still remember the delight when I was at last a big girl and I got my very own special shovel which was yellow with a transparent handle with a little orange fish floating inside in liquid. Wish I still had that shovel “sigh”.

  • Kuky

    That picture of BB is great. She’s so triumphant holding that found shovel.

    And litter is awful when it’s not nice shiny scooping spoons. Why can’t people pick up after themselves??!?! I have a friend who’s a wildlife biologist. She was telling me about this site she was at that was covered with garbage. Just covered. It was from people throwing stuff out of their car and the wind blew it into this little valley. Then a few days later she sent me a picture. It was terrible to see. There was garbage everywhere and way back into the hills.

  • Susan

    Our last beach trip we were sitting there relaxing when this nice sized colorful beach ball blew under our umbrella. Near our umbrella was a net set up just for such beach balls. What luck!
    I love Baby Bugs triumphant picture…lol So cute!

  • Katie

    She is gorgeous, regardless of whether she’s in PJs or not! Wish there was audio to go along with that happy girl picture!

  • Why Mom Drinks Rum

    Awww, too cute! I wish so much that we lived close to the ocean – you are really lucky (apart from the seaguls).

    Maybe you should attack velcro to – Insert object here that you always take to the beach – and the shovels…does sand mess with velcro?

  • Gramma

    Spoons are great diggers. I’m sure some of my sterling teaspoons found their way to dig under our house in Hawaii…ah, well, they’re only things.

  • Melissa

    The velcro was my suggestion too. A six inch loop around the stroller side and you will always have a shovel and/or pail (as long as you remember to replace it when the outing is done, of course).

  • Britt

    I all too often find ourselves out in pubic in pj brand clothing as well, and with the boys, it’s often bottoms optional:)

    Shubbles are too cute!

  • Kaili

    That’s my spoon!
    okay just kidding. It’s so true about beach toys, we go all the time, and I al only getting good about it this year. Geesh!
    If I bring toys, Jaia will play so content on his own and I can do a very odd act around here, read! Aww how I love the beach!

  • ninabi

    What a sweet picture of triumph! BB is getting so big- and her hair is getting so long.

    What a great time in life- that a simple “shubble” brings such happiness.