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    doing some vacuuming

    Long time no blogging! Isn’t that always the way? When things are busy you have no time to report on them but when things are slow you have all the time in the world to write about nothing. I sort of miss those nothing days.

    Anyway, I suppose you want to hear about my latest haircut. My fairy godmother popped into town the other day and offered to take me to get my hair cut. She’s so sweet like that. She’s always rescuing me from the eternal how-do-I-find-a-babysitter dilemma and sweeping me off for a day of pampering and eating out. I just love her. I wish everyone had a fairy godmother. I also wish she didn’t live so far away.

    So I wasn’t planning on getting my hair cut. I’m actually starting the two-year grow-it-out plan again but I recently hacked myself some bangs and figured they probably needed to be fixed by a professional. And by professional I mean somebody who doesn’t hack away with nail scissors while they are pms-ing and suffering from the toddler-attached-to-shin disease.

    I told her I wanted to be able to pull my hair back into two ponytails and have my bangs hang out sort of fringe-like. Something very low-maintenance and mom-proof (i.e., I can NOT wash it for a week and it will still look okay). I also might have said something about how I have so much hair and it grows more on one side so I always feel like a bomb went off over one ear. Anyway, she interpreted my gibberish as: hack all her hair off but leave a few wisps so that it still feels long.

    another hair cut

    At first I hated it. HATED IT. But then I narrowed my feelings down to the simple fact that I was hating my round face more than the hair cut. I miss those days when I could wear any hairstyle and still liked the way I looked. Those days are gone. Hello, middle age!

    Also she styled it all straight and I looked like some sort of banger-sister rocker chick from the 80’s. While that’s a nice look, it’s SO not me.

    Okay. Enough about hair.

    Another issue that has been taking up a giant portion of my brain is this letter I received from China. It’s a little convoluted because it’s translated from Chinese to English but the gist of it is saying that some company in China wants to trademark the name “Secret Agent Josephine.”

    I know? Why would anybody want to do that? It’s been a difficult-enough name for me. I can’t imagine what anybody else would want it for. A movie? Are they making secret-agent dolls? I have no idea. A lot still needs to be investigated. But I do know this: If I want to keep this identity I’ve been doing business under and parading all over the internet with, then maybe I need to trademark it myself while I have the chance. I might even be too late.

    Why would this company write me a letter to warn me that they are thinking of taking out a trademark with my name? Just out of politeness? It seems fishy.

    The whole thing has sent me into a bit of an identity crisis. Who am I? Do I want to start over with a new name? If so, what name? Is it worth the $1000 to trademark? If I start over, this means I have to halt all work on my party site that I’m working on. I’ll have to change my Etsy shop and my Flickr screen name. Ack! Too much! I don’t know what I’m going to do.

    reaching for the camera

    I might just have to take a month off to figure it all out. But then I’m afraid I might never come back. I doubt that. While I don’t have much time to figure out the direction of Secret Agent Josephine, I do still have a crazy kid at home to supply me with plenty of anecdotes to write about.

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