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    Goodbye Charcoal


    I didn’t expect to be so happy to return the kitten to my mom’s house…but then I didn’t really expect Charcoal to be ALL CLAWS AND TEETH all the time either! That little ankle-biter has worn out his welcome in our house. If I wasn’t breaking up fights between him and Baby Bug all the time then I was typing with my feet up around my ears just to keep my concentration from being broken by Count Charcoalula sinking his fangs into my toes.

    In honor of our fond farewell, I have made a movie to remember him by.

    Goodbye Charcoal from secretagentjo on Vimeo.

    Goodbye Charcoal. I hope you find a happy home with a family made of tin.

Secret Agent Josephine
Creative Agency
© Brenda Ponnay