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    New Purse Alert!

    I might dress like a slob but check out my new purse!

    Hey! Look I got a new purse from Bloom Works on Etsy! Not the heaviest of blog subjects but after yesterday’s stink bomb, I am happy to put up anything. ANYTHING!!! I love my new purse. It seems to be just the right size and I love the springy orange color.

    I have a lot of trouble with purses because I have extremely narrow shoulders and the straps always fall off. There is nothing worse than trying to hold your toddler’s hand, a cup of coffee, steer the stroller (that the toddler is not in) AND have your purse strap keep falling off. Maybe your cell phone is ringing too and you’re trying to cross the street at a cross walk where cars do not always stop for you. That would be me on a regular day of momming.

    I need a purse that works for me. Forget fancy buckles and tassels and little pockets for your cell phone. None of that matters to me. I only care about the straps. The best purse I ever had had two very thin braided straps. Those suckers held onto my shoulders tight. It was great. But then, of course, I wore that purse every day for about ten years and the straps frayed and the purse got a scuff hole on the bottom. That poor purse, it went to the moon and back for me.

    she is such a better model than I am

    I’m hoping this one does it for me too. So far so good but it’s only been two days.