Hawaii Day Three: Lava fields and shopping

watch out for falling coconuts

We’re starting to fall into a routine here in the land of breakfast-is-for-lunch. Toby loves Hawaii time. It’s his natural time. He usually rolls out of bed around lunchtime and wants breakfast so he is tickled pink that we all have to adjust to his schedule for a change. When I start fading and thinking, “Shouldn’t the sun be going down by now?” it’s only noon with plenty of time to spare. Which is kind of cool because there is always plenty of daylight to get everything done.

I didn’t really feel like I was jet-lagged because I’m not tired or feeling groggy but this waiting until eleven-something for breakfast is a little rough on the growling tummy. Toby’s been thinking that Baby Bug isn’t very well-behaved in restaurants but actually it’s because breakfast is her naptime and dinner is three hours past her bedtime. In reality she’s been quite a trooper.

her pink origami frog is saying cheese for the photo

One of the waitresses who works at the hotel restaurant took pity on (me) us and made Baby Bug a little origami frog. That was the best thing ever. It was just a little piece of pink paper folded in such a way that you could press your thumb down on its back and it would hop about three inches into the air. Bug loved her little pink frog. She carried it around for a good part of the day and let me take a picture of it. In the photo above the frog is “saying cheese”. Can’t you tell? Hee hee.

viewing the vastness

Then we drove over the lava fields to a fancy-schmancy outdoor mall that is almost exactly like the fancy-schmancy outdoor mall back home. The lava fields (not sure if that’s what they are called) are out of this world. You feel like you are on Mars or something. Just lots and lots of crusty porous black lava rock munched into dried piles that look a little like dung heaps. Not really in an ugly smelly way but just strange. Then there are tufts of yellow grass growing out of the nooks and crannies.

non-native grass

I was wondering why this yellow grass is not used more often in Hawaiian artwork/signage/marketing etc since it seems to be everywhere and it is pretty in a waving-fields-of-wheat sort of way. But Toby explained that it’s a non-native grass (which is kind of silly since nothing is really native here except the lava) and actually Hawaii, the island we are on, is the newest island. I had no idea. I thought the biggest island would be the oldest island but actually it is the newest and the others were once this big but have worn down over time. So this lava and grass is just the early stages of an island. If you think of millions of years as “early”.

This is probably not very interesting to most people but since I am a graphic artist by trade (or was for the last decade or so) I am always looking at what there is around that can be used in a design if I were suddenly forced to whip out a three-fold brochure or something. I don’t know. I guess it’s all those years that I was forced to make up full marketing plans using three very dated cd’s from photodisc because our clients were too cheap to pay for stock art. Oh, those were the days. Sorry, flashback.

Baby Bug and I are tired of shopping

Back to our vacation. We spent day three shopping for shorts for Toby. Shopping with Toby is not much fun. He tries to make it fun (with frappucinos from Starbucks and a new dress for me!) but it just takes forever. He is very particular about every stinking thing (down to the seams!) and will settle for nothing but the best. So we shopped and we shopped and Baby Bug and I got hot and bothered. I’m very thankful to say that Toby did find some new shorts though! So all is well that ends well!

just another street scene

And really it was nothing that a steak dinner and a pretty sunset couldn’t fix.