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Batchin’ It

green peeps

It’s not Easter and this is not an Easter post. I’m just sticking a photo of Baby Bug’s green peeps up there because I desperately want to put something new up and I’m not terribly inspired by my photos tonight.

However, I do have a new banner. Yay for fresh new banners! That’s pretty much all I accomplished today.

In other news, Toby is leaving for Argentina tomorrow to go on a hunting trip with his Dad and his brother. It should be pretty fun for him but of course he is a nervous wreck because he hates flying and he hates traveling and he’s been traveling for the last two months. Also, his work has been stressful lately. But what else is new, right?

Anyway, that means ten more days of batchin’ it* for Baby Bug and I. I wonder what kind of trouble we’ll get into this time. I’m thinking of re-covering the couch. That should be exciting.

* should I spell it “bachin’ it” short for bacheloring it? Whatever, you know what I mean.


  • Gingermog

    Wow Argentina! Toby is indeed a globe trotter, what a fascinating country to visit. We’ll all be checking in on you daily, so to speak, to see how your doing while he’s away.

    I like the new banner, very fresh and Spring like, just how the weather should be like over here, but we have rain and grey skies today. If your feling uninspired you could put some beach photographs up :)

    What are the green birdies made out of, some sort of marsh mallow? Cos’ they look like fancy cakes in the bakers window.

  • jac

    i heart the new banner. it rocks with a certain super agent flair. if you’re in a creative mood, why not come to NJ and recover MY couch! that should make for interesting posting fodder! :-)

  • Janna

    I love reading your blog and your adventures with Baby Bug.
    The new banner is great. Very Hawaiian. :)
    So will you recover your sofa yourself or have someone do it?
    If you do it yourself, will you document it and then post about it? I have always wanted to know how you go about doing that.
    I recovered an old dining seat once, but that was simple. A sofa is, well, whoa…a sofa.

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    About our life:
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  • Angella

    Your banner is so full of spring!

    In snowed here yesterday :(

    Hope the ten days fly by! I have a hard time visualizing Toby hunting. He seems so professional and artistic. Tell him to make sure he gets a photo of himself in his hunting gear :)

  • bluejaye

    OOOh, easter candy….we hit Safeway hard yesterday and stocked up . No Peeps though. My kids just aren’t that impressed with the marshmellowy gooyness.

    Love the spring banner.
    As I look out the window this spring break morning it is SNOWING.

    You should jump on a plane and come see the cousins.

  • Annabanana

    Toby hunts?!
    I don’t know why this would crack my up, guess I just picture Dave doing it and well, shooting pop cans is one thing, but moving objects, that is another story.

    I do love the new banner, sheesh I always do!
    I think I should come down and hang out while Toby is gone, get some new inspirstion….is it beach weather yet?

  • Amanda

    Love the new banner, very “springy” which is great considering we got snow yesterday!

    Also love seeing and reading the highlights of your recent trip.

  • Jummy

    I love the spring banner! I’d spelling it “batch” too…”bach” makes me think of Johann Sebastian!

    Hunting in Argentina? What are they hunting for? :)

  • Amy

    Love the new banner, so cheerful!
    Lucky Toby, I WISH I could travel so much. I hate to fly too so always go to the doc and get a RX for ativan :)

  • Laura (aka Laurie)

    WooHoo! Time to get out the paints!

    The idea of Toby hunting cracks me up. I am still working on the visual, but it just seems funny. Why Argentina? You are going to have to give us more details!

  • BeachMama

    Love the new banner, it is so Spring-like :).

    Hope you will find lots of stuff to amuse yourself while Toby is gone. Recovering the couch would be a great way to pass the time until he gets home.