she still fits!

she still fits

What a goofball.

straining her feet

(a year ago)

Poor Bug is so little. I wish she would drink milk and grow. (She does NOT like milk.) I think mostly it’s her genes but of course I worry. It’s my job. I worry and we sing the Madeline song a lot.

“It’s Madeline! It’s Madeline! She may be very small.”
“It’s Madeline! It’s Madeline! But inside she’s TALL!”


  • Gry

    Aw! Such a cutie!!! Not to trivialize your worries, but I wish my daughter was petite just so I could carry her around more, but, alas, she is a chunk. Genes indeed!

  • Jummy

    hehe, I was going to say that her hair grew! It *is* a very cute picture. Maybe she’s saving her growth spurt for later…when that happens you’ll be cursing having to buy new clothes after only a few wears :)

    (I hope you’re able to keep the worries at bay most of the time, even though I know how you feel about feeling like it’s your job to worry about family.)

  • ninabi

    If it will ease your worries, my girl was teeny as well. She went to kindergarten in a 3T coat. At the age of 6. But she did grow up and to our surprise, she’s wearing almost a size 10 in women’s shoes as an adult.

    BB is so adorable. Toddlers eat so darned few bites of food at this age it almost seems scary, doesn’t it? But…she’s so cute and bright and she seems really healthy.

    I love reading of all your happy times together- this is a sweet time in life and your blog is a day brightener! Coffee for the soul!

  • Oopsy Daisy

    She is just the perfect size for her. Imagine the other end of the spectrum; one of those poot obese kids on the Maury show, that weighs 250 pounds in kindergarden. How sad. Baby Bug is just perfect.

    I love the colander pics of her. The colors really pop and you have such a pretty subject. I wish I had thought to take more pics of my kids when they were little, instead of just on special occasions. I make up for it with my granddaughter now.

  • Oopsy Daisy

    I meant to say POOR obese kids, not POOT. (A poot means something else in our house. Something you woldn’t want to be smelling if you know what I mean). My bad.

  • bethany actually

    I think it’s funny that you’re funny that you’re using these photos to illustrate how little BB is, because I just looked at them and thought, “Look how much bigger she’s gotten!” Better that she is small and surprising people with knowing her ABCs and her good manners than being bigger than average and having people get mad at her for not acting her age.

  • Julia

    My just-turned-2-year-old also won’t drink milk, which sometimes stresses me out. She had weight gain problems over the past year but seems to be doing better now, and I too am trying not to worry about it. We give them food and there’s not much more to do, right?

  • Sarah

    I need to get that Madeline song on my ipod-I am 5’4″ and all of my friends and boyfriend are a nice 6 feet tall-so I feel short A LOT

  • bluejaye

    She is truly just being Ponnay. My son is 13, only weights 75 pounds and isn’t 5 feet tall yet. He wants to play flag football. How do I let him when I know the other kids his age are twice his weight and almost a foot taller? The worries never end.

  • Michelle

    She is the cutest baby EVAH! I also said that about Whoorl’s baby, so in all fairness…BB and Wito are the cutest babies EVAH! Well, of course my three are too…so now we have five of the cutest babies EVAH :o) Did I read somewhere a while back, that you painted your fridge red? I had always wanted to mosaic tile mine….you know give it a face lift of sorts. Poor girl is 18 years old!

  • gorillabuns

    She is so precious! She will be just fine! Moira was in the 5th percentile forever and at her 3 year check up – she’s now moved to the 50th. She supposed to be something like 5’7″. She doesn’t eat, only drinks chocolate milk. I’m not too worried about her but then again, she’s the second child.:)

  • jo' mom

    remember you did not start really growing till you were in high school. you always wore the size age you were, till about eight and then you were alway smaller. i still remember the first pair of guess jeans you got. you were so thrilled to finanlly be large enough to fit them.

  • Island Mummy

    My daughter wouldn’t drink milk for a while, and we started mixing in a bit of Yop
    (Yoplait yogurt drink, fruit flavoured) and she drinks it right up. Now she will drink plain milk sometimes but of course prefers slightly sweeter milk.
    She is fine weight wise, I just worry about her getting the calcium. But she eats lots of cheese and yogurt.

    Baby Bug is lovely and looks very healthy! We can’t all be skyscrapers!

  • Amanda

    She is such a cutie patootie. My son is very small too – always has been. He will only drink very vanilla soy milk. And my bff’s little boy will only drink chocolate milk… but she uses the sugar-free nesquik, which supposedly has added vitamins etc. I suppose you just do whatever works and hope for the best, right?

  • BeachMama

    My girlfriend does a yearly photo like that. I never had the wherewithall. If it makes you feel better J doesn’t really drink milk. Now that he is four we “make” him have a glass with supper, and he has it on his cereal but, otherwise he doesn’t drink it. He eats lots of cheese and yogurt though.

    I love the photos!

  • Gramma

    Your Mom has hated eggs in any form since she was two. To get around it I would make eggnog milkshakes which she liked a lot. Neither did she like vegetables, but the pediatrician said as long as she was eating fruit it was o.k. Now some 50 years later she has the same likes and dislikes. I had been hoping she would mature out of it. Alas, no go.

    You know what I think about BB…it just goes without saying.

  • Red Lotus Mama

    First, I *heart* these pictures! It is great that you captured them to see her growth (and her personality).

    Second, don’t worry too much about her size now. You don’t want to be hauling around a huge toddler on your hip. Little ‘Ny is 2 1/2 and only 25lbs, but I prefer her to be small than big! Worry when BB is a teen and not having “the growth spurt”.

  • Lukie

    What a cutie. Just let her know that it is the “smaller” children that are always called “cute” You never look at a 4 foot five year old and say “oh how cute”

  • SmockLady

    I remember when my oldest son (now 10) was 14 months old and we had to take him to a pediatric orthopedic surgeon about one of his legs (all is fine) and he had posters plastered all over his office about drinking milk and how important it was. I was a “know-it-all” mother who was going to have children who drank milk and not sugar, so no chocolate allowed. Until I left that day. The posters said things like, “Milk is important no matter the flavor.” And the glass of milk would be pink for strawberry or brown for chocolate. There was even yellow banana milk.

    Maybe you should give her some milk with a bit of creme de menthe (sans liqueur) in it: peppermint oil, spearmint oil, green food coloring. Or just green food coloring. GREEN MILK! Would she drink that?

  • Deidre

    When my nephew was three months old, my brother and his wife put him in a mixing bowl and onto to the kitchen scale to see how much he weighed. They sent pictures to my mom whose first reaction was “Look how giant he is! Huge” with my dad standing behind her going “He’s in a mixing bowl. How big could he be?”

  • Lexi

    Misty beat me to it….I was gonna say maybe dye it green?

    I remember a while back when Hershey’s made green syrup….I think it was just for the Hulk movie, though.

    Maybe strawberry milk? Jordan loves “pink milk”. Of course, he chugs regular milk, too, though….

  • ioi

    Oooh! I like the GREEN MILK idea! My kids don’t like milk either, and I’ve often worried about my girls. Dolly (born 8lbs,12oz) was barely 17lbs at a year and I thought that was bad until Emma. Emma (born 9lbs, 10oz!!) JUST got to 13 lbs and is 5 months now.
    For the older kids we finally stared ‘making’ them drink milk before bed. First we started out with a quarter sippy cup full and gradually worked up to a whole sippy cup. Flavoured milk really does help though. Chocolate, and strawberry are the preferred ways to drink milk since I’m going to make them drink it anyway. I’d try the green idea though…
    After the first few battles are won, it does get easier to get a little milk into them.

  • ginger

    Doodle has been small for FOREVER. (Okay, more like almost 5 years . . . ) For the first three years, we had to go to the pediatrician’s office every three months to have her weighed because she was in the third percentile (which is sort of off the chart), and they were afraid she’d drop off the chart entirely. (Though they never did explain what THAT would mean.) After three years of schlepping a squirming, not-at-all-happy-about-it toddler to the doctor’s office so we could play How Much Does the Doodle Weigh This Month?, they finally declared that she is just petite. So after three years of my worrying about her being so small, they decided to tell me not to worry anymore. (Sort of.) Bubble is also on the tiny side, but you know what? I’m not worried. She’ll grow. Just like her sister did. And just like Bug is doing. They’ll just be petite flowers. And who doesn’t want to hug and love a petite flower?

  • Gingermog

    My mother doesn’t drink milk and she was a wee kiddy too, her aunties fed her banana’s and chocolate instead. She was spoilt! But then came the war and we couldn’t get either in the UK for a long time, so ever since they came off ration (1950’s)she’s been making up for lost time and eats at least 1 banana a day (in a sandwich too – Brits are bizarre huh).

    There has been a lot of hoo ha in the news these last few days regarding baby percentile charts ect are making mothers worry uneccesary. BB looks fine and dandy to me.