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The “Valentags” are here!

a whole buncha valentags!

I probably shouldn’t be posting about these yet since I don’t quite have the packaging figured out but I’m anticipating a busy day tomorrow and I know I better put them up while I’m still suffering from insomnia. Actually I’m not suffering. I like being up at night. I’m probably just not going to like it very much tomorrow morning though. Heh.

pick a card, any card

So anyway, these are my valentags! They’re five bucks in my etsy shop. Flat rate shipping for everybody! Woo Hoo! There are twelve unique designs. I’m throwing in three sets of each so you get 36 cards in all. I’m not sure if I’m going to wrap them in pink tulle and a ribbon or translucent paper bands and a sticker like I did the holiday gift tags. Hopefully, I’ll have a minute tomorrow (while Baby Bug is watching her three hours of morning cartoons) and I’ll quickly take pictures and post them.

Or maybe I won’t. Because….

all SAJ products have been tested in the lab

Tomorrow is BABY BUG’S pseudo birthday party! I’m going to make a green cake (or cupcakes, not sure which) and buy some green balloons. Just those two things alone should pack our day with fun. I’m actually not being sarcastic. Baby Bug has practically gone spastic every time we’ve seen balloons in the last few days. It’s going to be great. Especially since the best place to buy balloons around here is the TOY STORE!!! So maybe a toy might accidentally get bought along with the balloons.. it’s her birthday after all!

Then our two relatives will come over and we’ll have pizza and party like it’s 1999! Or until bath time. Nothing kills a party like bath time.