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The Pinkkkkity First Birthday Party!!!

So this is it. The big day. The big birthday party I’ve been planning all year. It was great. Everything I wanted it to be. Baby Bug seemed to love every minute of it. She didn’t even cry, except for the times when she wanted me to hold her and I was too busy putting whiskers on the cat cupcakes. I expected major meltdowns because SHE DIDN’T TAKE ONE SINGLE NAP ALL DAY!!! But no, she was an angel baby. I told you she thrives on excitement.

I tried to take a lot of pictures but I was distracted by all the stray pieces of trash I needed to throw away. I did set up a couple of trash receptacles. Thanks for the hint on that one. Thankfully everybody else had cameras too so I expect to get a lot more pictures via email in the next few days (hint hint). I also tried to make sure I talked to everybody but it was hard. So much to do so little time!

As usual, we completely over-did everything. I bought too much food and made my mom slave away in the kitchen rolling up little pieces of turkey and salami and cheese and chopping up vegetables and fruit. I tried not to be too bossy but it’s hard when you want everything to be perfect and guests start showing up an hour before you want them to.

The early birds pitched in and helped me, which was super sweet. My sister-in-law cleaned my bathroom. That’s love, I tell you. Two friends iced the cupcakes and placed all the little sugar covered fruit roll triangle noses and ears on the cupcake cat faces. My nieces decorated the banister with pink crepe paper.

Guess what the best thing about getting ready for this party was? You’ll never guess. I didn’t. It was a complete surprise. While I was out in the sticks going to a wedding, Toby had the whole house steam cleaned! I had no idea he was going to do this. It was my dream come true because I hate hate HATE my carpet and I’m very self conscious of it. Especially when people who are coming over are allergic to cats. It causes me quite a lot of stress, actually. I lay awake late at night worrying about it. So when I came home from the wedding, laden with heavy boxes of food and preparation items for the party and I look down at my feet and I see clean carpet, you can imagine how happy I felt. Not just vacuumed carpet but clean carpet. Sure there are still some old stains that will never come out but just knowing that it’s not slathered in cat hair makes me feel so much better. Toby is the best.

Speaking of Best’s, the BEST part of the party was the cake smashing by Baby Bug. She did not let me down one bit. I’ve been looking forward to this moment my entire life. She smashed and smeared her little cupcake like a proper baby should. Red velvet cake crumbs and icing were everywhere and when she couldn’t get enough of it in her mouth with her hands, she put her face down into it and ate it like a dog. I was so proud. That’s my little tutu wearing princess. She’s not afraid to get a little bit dirty to get the good stuff.

The presents were another story. She was so tired by the time we got around to opening them, it was all I could do to keep her on my lap while we ripped up the wrapping paper. She twisted and wiggled and squirmed every which way. I can’t believe my Dad was able to get as many shots of us opening presents as he did.

The party was just all around fun. All the other children were really really good and we didn’t have any major incidents. Except for when Super Chic had an “accident” in the cardboard cat palace. But I sorta expected that and thankfully it happened at the end of the night after all the babies were long done crawling through it.

Baby Bug is completely bored with the giant pink contraption so I took it apart and sent it home with my nieces. (With the soggy parts cut out of course.) It was kind of like the Christmas tree. So fun to put up but then so much more fun to get rid of.

I think I officially got tired of pink after I painted that thing. After this, no more pink. Pink, pink, you stink. Of course Baby Bug will still wear pink but as far as making pink things goes, I’m done. DUN. I’m changing my blog masthead to tangerine and chocolate or something like that as soon as I get a minute to myself and my computer. But that might be a few days because I have a good friend in town and tomorrow we are going to get my hair cut. Finally.


  • OMSH

    Whoohooo! I’m the first to post. Well … though I didn’t get to come and pick up trash for you – or take pictures – I’m thrilled I got to get in on at least the post.

    Everything is fabulously pink and purrrrrfect. I LOVE the cupcakes and look at all those smiles!

    You look mahvelous in pink as well.

    So, perhaps it is time for BLUE—berry. heh heh

    Thanks for sharing all this with us – oh what fun it has been!

  • Jennifer

    Sounds like the PERFECT first birthday! Well done :) “she put her face down into it and ate it like a dog. I was so proud.” That line killed me. I’m so proud of BB too!! haha.

  • margalit

    I have never seen a cuter birthday theme or execution. It looked better than any Oscar after-party. The food was gorgeous, the cakes and cupcakes so impressively adorable, and Toby in a pink shirt! What can I say but glorious! So much pink, so many darling kitty faces, and such a beautiful birthday girl. You are really living the good life!

  • Helena (Mama)

    Congratulations! I am all choked up about Baby Bug and her cupcake. Yay, us lucky moms that get to live these happy moments!

  • BeachMama

    Wow, you did such a great job. And to have it all go as planned how awesome is that? Toby not only is the man for cleaning the carpet for you, but he did good on wearing the pink striped shirt. I bet he never figured you would be all pinked out after planning such a party. Congrats on having such a wonderful time, and kudos to your guests for drawing kitty wiskers on their faces. Now to plan for birthday number two!

    p.s good to see Whoorl!

  • Jamie

    What an AWESOME party! I am so glad it turned out well and yea for your hubby for surprising you with clean carpet. That would have made my day, too.

    Love the pictures and those t-shirts are too cute. You should sell those!

    I’m going a Blue’s Clues theme party for my daughter’s second birthday party in March and you’ve inspired me to do blue, blue, blue (although I’m sure I’ll be sick of it, too.) :)

  • Sistina

    It’s looks like it was really fun! Well done mom!
    We did a pink and silver theme for E’s first birthday a few weeks ago. I’m done with pink too. At least for now.

  • jP

    I love that there was so much pink in the room that the cabinets appeared to be pink. Good job on the execution. Happy Birthday Bug. Love, Auntie jP

  • Elizabeth

    Amazing. Nice work. I’m fully impressed with the party, the details, the cupcakes yummm). Happy Birthday (again) Baby Bug. I’m so glad that your party was a hit!

  • Sam

    That looks like one tremendously happening birthday party! I love all the kitty cupcakes – what a good idea! I am sure Baby Bug loved all of it and everyone else had a good time, too. You are just the best, most fun mama – Baby Bug is a lucky little girl. :)

  • Molly

    How cute! I better get cracking on ideas for Ivo’s birthday party! It’s only 4 months away! Ha ha. All the pink makes me long to have a girl! Blue just isn’t the same.

  • Oops I said The F-Word

    I want gumball kitty whiskers too! What a wonderful party, Baby Bug is so lucky to have a creative Mom like you. It will be hard to top this party but I can hardly wait till next year to see what you do then.

    You know, you could always publish a book on party planning, you really are very good at it!

  • Texas T-bone

    Happy Birthday, Baby Bug! Looked like a really fun party.

    See? I left a comment more than a year ago that your mommy would be a great one. She’s a keeper, right? Don’t grow up so fast. Can’t beleive it’s already been a year.

  • my 2 cents

    It looks like the most perfect party!! You did a great job! I love all the pink, the cat faces, the t-shirts, and all the decorations. I’m glad everything went as well as you hoped for. That’s so sweet of Toby to have the carpet steamed for you.

  • nina

    It was wonderful that the web world had a chance to be at the party, too. SAJ, you did a beautiful job and I loved the pink play house- I never thought to paint the cardboard boxes when mine were small.

    Happy Birthday, Baby Bug.

  • Bethany

    So glad the party went well! Of course BB was an angel, she knew it was important to her mama. And big props to Toby for knowing the true way to a woman’s heart: cleaning her house!

    I am glad to hear you’re getting tired of pink, because in doing my part to help Gumball take over the world, I am unable to use pink for reasons beyond my control.

  • Kuky

    Looks like you all had a marvelous time! Did I already wish baby bug a happy birthday? I cannot remember. Sometimes my baby distracts me so. If I did, there’s no harm in saying it again. Happy Birthday Baby Bug!!!!

    And that Toby! How wonderful that he surprised you with clean clean carpets. Very sweet.