HotRod Hanna Gets Married!

I know you all all chomping at the bit to see the Pinkkkity First Birthday Party pictures and don’t worry they are a coming. But first we have a wedding. My good friend HotRod Hanna got married! Wooooo Hoooo! It’s a good thing Baby Bug takes after me because she seemed to thrive on all the excitement. First Chuck E. Cheese, then a big fancy fun wedding and THEN a birthday party… Bring it ON!

HotRod Hanna hired me to take “detail” pictures so I tried. My poor spy cam is just not what it used to be though. I have to buy a new battery every year and I’m over-due for one now. Half my pictures turned out blurry because it was choking so hard. I looked kinda silly taking pictures of everything with my dinky little point-and-shoot while every other regular-Joe-wedding-guest had pro-quality digital cameras with a real zoom lenses. But do they know how to use their macro lens? That is the question. Too bad Toby gave away my real camera. Did I tell you about that? Long story. But it was a good thing at the time.

The wedding was beautiful. Of course. No surprise there. Hot Rod Hanna has great taste, not to mention very photogenic eyes and skin. She even let me take some pictures of her with Gumball the Kitten. What a great friend. I was supposed to print her out a little Blueberry the Kitten that she could wear on her shoe as her “something blue” but we didn’t get there in time to give it to her before she walked down the aisle. That’s okay though, she painted her toenails blue just in case we didn’t come through.

I also took about a bazillion pictures of Baby Bug at the wedding. How could I not? I am Mom, I have camera. She had a lot of fun “walking” while holding onto her cousin’s and her Grandpa’s hands. She’s getting close. I think she could walk if she wanted to but she’s stubborn. Or as Toby likes to say, “She’s cautious.” Either way, walking is just around the corner.

Congratulations HodRod Hanna! We’re gonna miss you! (She’s moving to the east coast and we’re not happy about it.)