• Audrey

    We currently have a cribtent over our crib as we wait for Baby’s arrival. However, one cat has taken to sitting on the ends of the head/footboards of the crib and when I did let her in to sniff the new crib, sheets, etc., she promptly knocked all of the stuffed animals in the corner of the crib (to be removed before Baby sleeps in it) over. She also loves sitting on the changing table/dresser, which is why we still have the contoured changing pad tucked away… The other kitty doesn’t seem too put off by the baby stuff. Our dog, who is just over one, was resting her head on my belly last night and was getting kicked. She just kept looking up at me like “what is going on, mama?”

    How’d your cats adjust when Baby Bug came home?

  • BeachMama

    Do you ever accidentally take one for a ride in the stroller? My other kids are two large dogs, so I have never made that mistake, but they act like kids most days.

  • josephine

    I haven’t yet. They start yowling the minute I walk Baby Bug less than a house away… so I doubt I could get them to ride anywhere with us.

    The cats adjusted to the baby way better than I expected. They mostly keep to themselves. Occasionally they’ll whine more for attention or sit on my computer, stuff like that. Pounce, the fat one, will plop himself down right in front of the baby so she can mawl him. Deep tissue massage for him. The thing I don’t like is that Pounce likes to wake the baby up by yowling at 5 am. That trick I detest but there is no training it out of him. He did that even before she was born but now it just bugs me more.

  • hotrodhanna

    Very cute. I think I want a few ‘practice’ kids like that before we get started on the real ones. I would feel sooo much better about it. I will have to leave my ‘baby’ kitty behind when I move :( Love all the pink kitty stuff btw~