Beach Bits,  Bug,  Tis the Season

January sweet January

You know what I like about the new year? Putting away all the Christmas stuff. I love getting rid of all the clutter. This is sort of funny since only a month earlier I thought it all very cozy and charming. As if thirty days go by and I suddenly need a very drastic change. I do like change.

We aren’t throwing our tree away until Friday, trash day. But that didn’t stop me from stripping it of all it’s ornaments and lights. So we have a naked tree in our living room. I like it. I can sort of pretend I have a very nice plant in my house or maybe even a bit of the forrest. The tree is still pretty green and healthy, thanks to Toby’s faithful watering and vitamin supplementing.

I had to take the ornaments off though. I got tired of trying to keep Baby Bug away from it. Every time I walked by the tree while carrying her, she would lean way out and grunt “ooooooh oooooohhhh” until we let her finger and grab an ornament of her choice. Thankfully most of my ornaments aren’t breakable, but still. It gets tiring with the constant show and tell routine every time you want to walk through the living room. She seemed to think it was a vertical toy box with all the fun toys hung up for the choosing. Now she can grunt and lean towards the bare needles… not quite as much fun.

The other thing I like about the new year is our weather in January. It’s been absolutely beautiful. Warm days, cool nights… lots of clear air and pretty sunsets. This is why everyone should move to Southern California… except don’t bring your car. Everybody should walk.


  • Tara

    No Christmas clutter here… our daughter was due (and arrived) just before Christmas, and I couldn’t bear the thought of trying to look after her, and run after ds with Christmas decos… next year perhaps, then I can run after both of them!

  • BeachMama

    I too love decorating for Christmas, but by the time the first of January rolls around, I am tired of the decorations. I like things neat and tidy we aren’t quite back to normal but definately closer to it.

    I want to ask, what type of supplements does Toby add to the tree? We put ours up just a few days before you and ours is (was) really, really dry. Water wasn’t a problem, I just thought my house was to warm.

    Beach shots look great, so nice. I do have to say we are having freakishly warm weather this year.

  • Jennifer

    Our tree is sitting out in our backyard waiting for trash day too. Smells good out there! For some reason my youngest girl was fine with shaking the branches a few times and then moving on. Could be because I put a bunch of ugly baby safe type ornaments on it :P

    Beautiful beach shots. I’ve been kind of mad about the warm weather this time of year but you make it look so good I’ll stop complaining.

  • Kedge

    shhhhh! January weather is our little secret! Visitors can come all summer long, just go home after Christmas, bye bye. I agree, it’s been absolutely gorgeous.

  • Angella

    I keep telling my hubby we should move there – we both hate winter. We can dream. Just keep posting pictures like those to keep the dream alive :)

  • Bethany

    happy new year! just cleaned up all the holiday cards, phew, the tree is next as it’s starting to shed for lack of care. your sunset photos are making me positively drool … though i can’t complain of true cold here, the trees are very confused and covered with buds. bug is getting cuter if that’s possible … thanks for making me smile yet again :)

  • Texas T-bone

    We had the same feeling of relief once Christmas was packed up, too. We were sick of it because my wife was about to have a baby and put everything up early while she had time. Yikes!

    There are way too many cars in north Texas, because like Southern California everything is too spread out. I really just want to telecommute or take the train to work. Maybe the next job.