Gumball the Kitten

Gumball Takes Over the World!!!

You might think I have beaten the pink obsession to death. But you would be wrong. Ha Ha Ha Ha! I’m going to take over the world and paint it pink! Well, not really but Gumball the Kitten is. I’ve uploaded some pdf’s of Gumball (FREE!!! Whoooeeee!) and you can download your very own version (in color or black and white) and make him into anything you want. I dare you. Gumball the Kitten stickers, Gumball the Kitten bikini top, Gumball the Kitten mobile, Gumball the Kitten oven mitts or just plain old Gumball the Kitten as a paper print out. Color him or don’t. Anything goes.

The only catch is, you have to take a picture of Gumball and send it to me or join my Gumball flickr group. You can shoot him from the front, you can shoot him from the back, you can shoot him from the side…as long as he is recognizable. It doesn’t matter to me. Come on, it’ll be fun. The most interesting photos I’ll post on my blog and give you some linkage. Maybe I’ll even make some Gumball swag, who knows where this could go.

And if you can’t think of anything fun to do with Gumball, email me and I’ll give you one of my one-hundred-and-one ideas.

Just do it. Do it for Baby Bug. But more do it for me, cause Baby Bug doesn’t really care that much.


  • Kristine

    I’m so excited! I’ve already printed out my Gumball! I just don’t know what to make her into, yet… :-( Help! I wanna start taking pictures!!

  • Terri

    I cannot believe Baby Bug’s laissez-faire attitude on this one. Oh well, us Mamas have to stick together and find some meaning in life, regardless of the little rebels. Asterisk buttholes is good enough for me!

  • erika

    oo, cayoot! thanks, i joined the group before i got the scoop. count me in! :)

    and i am still struggling with getting templates in photoshop with the illustrator jpgs all nice and neat and in the right dimensions. wtfrick!?!? :)

  • OMSH

    Okay, I’ve printed out and re-sized and toyed with Gumball.

    I have also ordered a little something-something online (because we live in the boondocks with absolutely NO craft stores in site) so I can do what I want to do with Gumball.

    My daughters have requested to sew little Gumball pillows this afternoon (which is perfect for this awful weather), so we are heading to Walk*mart to get iron on transfer paper before the freeze sets in.

    BUT … one of my daughters wants (I know it is heresy) a navy Gumball. Is there anyway we can get a .psp version to download to color up in Paint Shop or Photo Shop?

  • josephine

    I think I can manage that. :)

    Here is a super sheet with lots of 3″ gumballs for crazy people like me.

    And here is a navy blue (well, almost navy blue more like just dark blue) gumball psd. I hope you meant psd. You can open this in photoshop but I don’t know about PaintShop.

    I also forgot to say that just a mugshot of yourself with a paper gumball is fun too. No need to get crazy creative. Unless of course you’re crazy like me…

  • OMSH

    Hey, THANKS! Emelie is thrilled.

    Oh, and the .pdf with the multiple gumballs is perfect – I’ve been working on that this afternoon and couldn’t get it to work well. Don’t want to waste that iron transfer paper – that is for SURE.

    Can’t wait to post pics of our creations.

  • Meghan

    I printed out Gumball on ink-jet velum paper, and he’s hanging out in my craft room while I spend the day at work, dreaming up all of the fun places I can take him in Chicago. Any requests?

  • jP

    Does Gumball have to be pink? In the world of 11 year olds pink is so passe. School is out today. We have friends over. What a fun project. jP

  • Laura

    WAHHH I don’t have a working printer! Anyone willing to make me something and ship it to me? I’ll PAY for it of course! I love the original gumball though. I think it’s SOOOO darling and I’m sure my son would love one, especially because it’s pink! laurasnow at to email me direct!

  • rachel

    You realize that people copyright and sell less cute things, right? Not that I know how to go about all that nonsense, but you could so do it!

  • jP

    I printed the black and white version on colored cardstock. I’m always out of ink.
    I think he may be sell Girl Scout cookies this week. Oh the plans we invision.

  • Meghan

    Gumball will definitely make a trip to the Chicago Theater, and ride the L as well. After such a mild winter we’ve just been blanketed in snow, so hopefully I’ll have time tomorrow to get Gumball out and about while there’s still some light out, and while the snow is still pretty (hasn’t turned to grey or yellow yet.)

    I too thought gumball was a “he” though I’m not sure why.

  • the SmockLady

    Oh I’m so excited! I’ve got six kiddos (well, five. #6 is too young to care, but I’m including him anyway) that each want one/some. Thanks for the OK on colorizing him. They are all he/shes after the neutering anyway. ;)

  • BeachMama

    SAJ! You are brilliant. I have saved everything Gumball and I will get to work on creating him/her and showing Gumball a great time here in Ottawa. What a fun winter project to have on the go.

    Thanks for the fun!

  • nikkapotamus

    I totally love this project. I stumbled across it from another blog I read and have already printed out my Gumball.
    She’s two sided, laminated, and visiting my art class room. The kids have already adopted her, and soon, she will be playing a monstrous game of hide and seek with my students.

    The game is to be the first to come in, sit quietly, and find Gumball! Hooray for pink kitties!